Rugby World Cup in Japan – Thoughts with Typhoon Hunting (Collection)

Das japanische Rugby Nationalteam gedenkt vor dem Spiel gegen Schottland in einer Schweigeminute den Opfern des Taifuns  (dpa / picture alliance / MAXPPP)

Host Japan defeated Scotland’s team 28:21 on Sunday (13 October) and qualified for the quarter-finals for the first time in the Rugby World Cup. The players thought of the disaster that hit their country during the game – said Michael Leach, the captain of Japan’s national rugby team after the game. At least 30 people were killed by Hurricane “Hagibis”.

The enthusiasm for rugby in Japan is still four years old, “right.” Subsequently at the 2015 World Cup, Japan beat South Africa sensationally enough, “explains Felix Lil, who has lived in Japan as a journalist for four years. Years. Even if the team was in the early stages Had ended – aroused the interest of the Japanese audience.

Full stadium and public view

Since then, much has been written and talked about the Japanese national rugby team, with Lil reported on “Sport am Sonntag”. Shortly before the World Cup, according to a survey, a full 90 percent of the Japanese population knew that the tournament was taking place in their home country. The stadiums are selling out, and those who are not in the stadium adopt the game at the bar – even those who do not have a special interest in the game.

According to Lil, the World Rugby Federation now hopes that this enthusiasm will spread throughout the Asian region – also to enable itself in an international battle for audience attention against the ubiquitous and powerful competition against football.

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