Rugby World Cup in South Africa: Germany qualified for the World Cup for the first time. Play

 Rugby World Cup in South Africa: Germany qualified for the World Cup for the first time.  Play

This World Cup participation is historic!

For the first time, a German national team has qualified for the men’s 7-a-side Rugby World Cup. The team of national coaches Clemens von Grumbko and Philipp Schnemann were able to secure tickets to the “Rugby World Cup Sevens” with a clear 24:7 victory in the deciding game against Italy at the qualification tournament in Bucharest – a historic success for the Germans. Rugby Union.

In Cape Town, one of South Africa’s biggest cities, the world’s best rugby teams will face off for the Rugby Sevens World Cup from 9 to 11 September. New Zealand, Scotland and England are among the favorites for the title – for the German team, simply participating is a success.

In the beginning, German rugby men met today from Chile. The German selection had to give up after extra time at 12:15. They were leading 12-0 at half time.

Not much time to grieve: the German team has to start again on Saturday morning. Then you meet Portugal in the consolation round.

All about the 7-man Rugby World Cup

The first Men’s Rugby Sevens World Cup was held in Scotland in 1993. Since then, a new world champion has been determined every four years. The New Zealand national team is the defending champion at the World Cup in South Africa. With a total of three world titles, New Zealand players are also record world champions.

The first Women’s Rugby 7 World Cup was held in 2009. Here also New Zealand is the record winner with two titles.

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Source: UEFA via Reuters


What is Rugby and how does it work?

Rugby is a team sport, specifically a contact sport, originally from England. A distinction is made between classic 15-a-side rugby and Olympic 7-a-side rugby.

The main differences are the number of players and thus the associated dynamics in the game. The field is similar in shape to a soccer field, with two H-shaped poles at each end of the field.

On the one hand, the main feature of rugby is that no other protective clothing is worn other than a mouthguard. On the other hand, the special feature of the game is that you can only pass the egg shaped ball backwards, but you can shoot forwards.

Points can be scored as follows:

attempt: A try is made when the ball is stuck in the opponent’s in-goal (5 points).

Growth: After a try, the attacking team has the option of kicking the ball through the H-shaped goal post with a drop kick or kick cone. The position of the attempt determines where the dropkick can be taken to raise it on the field.

Skip target: A player kicks the ball, which must have touched the ground first, between the goal post and over the crossbar, out of play.

penalty kick: A successful kick at the goal post from the point where there has been a serious breach by the opposing team.


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