Rugby World Cup: Japan separates only one point from quarter-finals

Rugby World Cup: Japan separates only one point from quarter-finals

Hosts Japan took the next step towards the quarter-finals in the Rugby World Cup. “Cherry Blossoms” won against Samoa 38:19 (16:9) and took the lead in Group A with a third win in their third game.

Since the Japanese team scored an offensive bonus point through at least four attempts, it is the first to enter the knockout stage. Japan can be eliminated only if Scotland win against Russia next Wednesday, Ireland beat Samoa and Japan lose by more than seven points in the final group game. In the event of a loss with a margin of up to seven points, the losing team receives a defensive bonus point.

The first and second place winners of each of the four five-man relays advance to the quarterfinals. All information and results of the Rugby World Cup can be found here.

One of the best Japanese against Samoa was once again Kotaro Matsushima, who ran 110 meters with the ball – more than twice that of Samoa’s best player, Ed Fido. Matsushima had already made a strong showing in the opening game of the World Cup with three attempts.

England – Argentina 39:10 (15:3)

England have already reached the quarter finals. Against Argentina, the initial decision was made in the 17th minute when Argentina’s Tomas Lavinini saw a red card due to a tackle against his opponent’s head.

Lavinini left the lawn in tears, possibly already anticipating what awaited his team: the South Americans were exhausted by defeat. Most recently, Argentina did not qualify for the 2003 World Cup quarter-finals. After this England got their third win in their third game and are ahead.

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Australia – Uruguay 45:10 (19:3)

Although Australia won against Uruguay, they still have to fulfill their duty. In the final group game, the “Wallbies” must win against Georgia to make it to the quarter-finals.

When they beat Uruguay, Australians wore a shirt inspired by indigenous peoples at the World Cup for the first time. β€œIt shows that we represent all Australians, including – and this is important – Aboriginals,” said Curtley Bell, the only Aboriginal on the team of favorite titles. So far in history only 14 Aboriginal Australians have played for rugby selection.


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