Ryan Day believes season could begin safely in mid-October, says “disappointing and often vague” communication from Big Ten

Ryan Day and his team

The Ohio State Buccaneers want to play this fall, and want to know why they aren’t able to play anymore.

In a statement released by Ryan Day on Thursday afternoon, the Ohio State coach said he believes the Big Ten’s medical subcommittee has done an “excellent job of paving the way for a return to mid-October,” and wants to know why those players now They are unable to play when other conferences play.

“While I understand the decision of the Big Ten Conference Conference to postpone the football season for health and safety reasons, the communication of information from the Big Ten following the decision has been frustrating and often vague.” “Nevertheless, we still have a chance to give our young people what they’ve worked so hard for: a chance to compete for the national championship safely this fall.”

Dee said he “can’t discuss further how this team, our medical staff, the athletic director and the president can cope with this extremely difficult time with so many unanswered questions.”

“These guys and their parents have asked a lot of questions that I don’t have the answers to, but the saddest thing is ‘why can these other teams and players play and we can’t?'” Day said. “Duke Notre Dame is playing, and Clemson is playing Wake Forest this weekend. Our players want to know: why can’t they play? ”

Thursday’s statement is the first time his team has publicly commented on his desire to play this fall since Gust 17, when he said: Justin Fields’ application was supported Big Ten to resume the fall season.

The same day Penn State coach James Franklin also drew attention to the Big Ten. Told ESPN Radio “We haven’t been able to communicate great from the start,” the conference on Thursday said as it was decided to postpone the fall games, which took place a day earlier tomorrow. Nebraska President Ted Carter also said During a TV interview on Thursday It’s time to dump her and move on.

Teddy Grenstein of the Chicago Tribune reported Wednesday that Big Ten Will not vote until this weekend “As soon as possible” to decide when his 2020 football season will be played.

Ohio Govt. Mike Dwyane said Thursday afternoon that he was in talks with OSU Athletic Director Jean Smith on Thursday morning and that he believed there was “a very good argument” for the Big Ten football season to end soon.

Despite the uncertainty, when the Buccaneers will finally get to play again, the team continues to practice at the Woody Hayes Athletic Center – while currently sticking to the 12-hour limit for teams scheduled to play this fall – in the hope that the Big Ten will finally make it to the fall season. The country will play and will compete for the berth in the Football League.

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