Safe travel: Scotland discusses women’s train coaches

Safe travel: Scotland discusses women's train coaches

Updated: 02/16/2022 – 17:43

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Train compartment for women? Scotland discusses safe travel

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Scottish trains with ladies’ compartments? The Scottish Government is considering the idea of ​​increasing the sense of security for female commuters. (icon picture)

Is it safe enough for women to travel? Scottish politics is currently dealing with this question. To make travel more pleasant, especially at night time, the Scottish Transport Minister has proposed train compartments for women. But this idea has also been criticized.

Walking home alone in the dim light of a lantern at night often makes many women feel uncomfortable. But does the same apply to train travel as well? Scottish politicians are currently asking themselves this question and discussing possible measures to make travel safer, particularly in the evening or at night. but he has There’s one proposal that’s particularly appealing to the Scottish government: women-only train compartments, However, the idea is not met with approval everywhere.

Scotland is considering women-only trains

In future, trains in Scotland may have compartments that are only accessible to women. The reason: greater security when traveling in the evening hours, the BBC reported on Tuesday. The special debate was launched a few days ago by Transport Minister Jenny Gilruth (Scottish National Party). In the future, she would like to engage more closely with women and women’s organizations to develop measures to make travel for women even safer.

The minister knows from her own youthful experiences that traveling alone can sometimes be associated with unpleasant situations for women. So she herself remembers several trains with nothing but “drunken men” who would be squeezed next to her, although there would be enough empty seats. It’s not an isolated case: More and more women, such as YouTuber Luna Martin, are reporting that they don’t feel comfortable on a train, especially in the evening hours, and are always walking with their cell phone and keys. His hands remain.

proposal divides the mind

It is still unclear if and when the idea of ​​the Minister of Transport will be implemented. With Scottish rail services expected to be privatized by 1 April 2022, the public authority may be able to implement changes in this regard, according to the BBC.

Women’s organization Young Women’s Movement Scotland also advocates for the idea to be implemented as soon as possible: “Even if it only helps a handful of women feel safer on trains, it’s worth it.” , ” says activist Kelly Given.

However, the Scottish Government’s plan has faced criticism from transport companies. They describe the implementation of women’s coaches as a “logistical nightmare” that can only be overcome with substantially more staff. Others, however, label the concept as a potential step backwards or “offensive, patronizing” for both men and women.

Women’s cans are common in Japan or India.

Women’s compartments are already common in metros or trains in other countries such as Japan, India, Brazil or Egypt. In Germany, Deutsche Bahn provides separate compartments for women traveling alone in the smaller cars of night trains.


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