Salford Red Devils vs Rington Wolves, What to say about the display

Salford Red Devils vs Rington Wolves, What to say about the display

Players, coaches and fans are all talking about their performance in the Salves Red Devils ’20-23 defeat to the Salves’ Pulpus.

Here is a choice.

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Rington Wolves head coach Steve Price said:

“I felt that Des Patton, Danny Waker and Matty Davis were really solid all night. They kept up with the glue.

“It was just unfortunate that we couldn’t make any momentum in our offense late in the second half.

“I thought it was a beautiful leg to make room for the right-hand relay dean for Nathan Roebuck’s effort.

“It’s just a young group, just came through the academy and they haven’t played a game all year and been thrown into it, I thought that’s great.

“I thought Josh Thules was another one with a really solid game.”

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Fans’ reactions to the performance on the Warrington Guardian’s Facebook pages:

Mandy Smith: All those little kids should be very proud of themselves tonight- the way they play, the way they carry themselves, the way they hang on to it. Awesome effort !! Glad to see it and I hope we see a lot more of it in future games.

Paul Ryder: It was a really good performance and you can see the young legs running around Salford for a while. Feeling a little tired towards the end. They were not surprised to see the footsteps.

There is no way for Riley Dean. Picture: Mike Bowden

Lorna Ellen Carson: Well done youngsters will see that they are disappointed they will get better and better, let’s hope they play again soon.

Christopher Gregory: Brilliant efforts, well done ahead of a strong future

Brian Carney: Great effort, very bright for the wire for the future

David Dunn: Credit for the brilliant performance and the club’s unfortunate result I thought we were out of steam in the last 20, but when the chips were down they were standing on the challenge and keeping them precious the future is bright.

Rob Oaks: Better than seeing a first-choice team

Al Werr rall how embarrassing that result was. Fantastic displays from youngsters. Nervous and inexperienced they got better in the second half but nothing to be ashamed of. Thulius was exceptional. Longstaff, Doro and Riley Dean also look good. Proper leadership from Payton. Great entertainment regardless of the outcome. They all wore their colors with pride and they deserved it. Looks like future primroses and blue. #COTW

Warrington Guardian:

Josh comes down for the Tulis Wire. Picture: Mike Bowden

Jimmy Orford: I think we got reckless and put ourselves in another part. Missed 3 attempts, we should win that game. Never learn, constantly sidelined !! Don’t smile about anything. We have a decent team that was able to win. This is the game we need to win. Hopefully we can pull it together by Saturday.

John Knox: Let’s be honest we were on the good side. Young enthusiasts are the opposite of a strong Salford side. Not notoriety. 100% given. Too many positives to get out of this


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