SC Frankfurt is the 1880 German Rugby Champion: SC Frankfurt is the 1880 German Rugby Champion: “Enjoy the moment now”

SC Frankfurt is the 1880 German Rugby Champion: SC Frankfurt is the 1880 German Rugby Champion:

Status: 06/27/2022 06:36 AM

SC Frankfurt 1880 successfully defended their German championship title in rugby. The victory is also sweet because the club has gone through difficult times.

Best weather, 2,500 fervent fans, pyro flair one way or another – the setting was worthy of the occasion. And the joy knew no bounds. On the grounds of SC Frankfurt 1880, the host and traditional club were crowned German rugby champions 2022 on Saturday. and was able to defend his title.

In such a situation, the players could not remove the smile from their faces. “We have been preparing for this for a long time. We are happy and celebrating,” said Marcel Hein in an interview with hr1. “We worked very hard, enjoy the moment now.” Finally in a new edition of the 2019 final, it was 29:17 against Heidelberg’s TSV Handschusheim.

“I am proud to be a coach”

“There was a lot of support from the stands, good weather – it was a good game”; Enthusiastic assistant coach Michael Popmier, who also emphasized the opponent’s strength. “It was a good final. You can easily lose 12 points again. It was near the end, but the boys played well. I am proud to be a coach.”

The title should taste all sweet as SC 1880 has tough years behind it. The last championship was played in 2019, for two years in a row the season had to be canceled due to the coronavirus – a disaster, especially in popular sports. “It was difficult, we had to keep the boys motivated,” Popmire says. “Initially we were only allowed to operate with five people within 20 square metres. We had to spray the balls with disinfectant spray,” he recalls.

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“When it resumed, we wanted to defend the title”

But the morale in the squad was right: “They took part. And when it started again, we wanted to defend the title.” Not said soon enough, the new German champion is also out of date. It is already the eighth title for the Hessians, who now have to defend again. Hopefully not in three years.


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