Scotland earthquake: Terrified residents hear ‘loud bang’ – another quake shakes the country UK

  Scotland earthquake: Terrified residents hear 'loud bang' - another quake shakes the country  UK

The British Geological Survey said a 2.1-magnitude quake struck Roybridge in the Highlands shortly before 9:30 p.m. last night. The agency said the rumble occurred at a depth of 7.5 km.

This was realized by the residents of Spene, Boheny and Rafburn with reports of the ‘Big Bang’. One of them wrote: “Another earthquake in Roybridge???”

A second said: “I just heard a big jolt in Spain, I thought it was someone’s garbage or something.” ,

While the third commented: “Heard and felt it. ,

The British Geological Survey stated that there had been a small number of reports from members of the public in the Roybridge area indicating that they had felt the event.

It comes after Scotland recorded a 3.1 magnitude earthquake in the west of the country on Tuesday, with a 1.6 magnitude quake in Roybridge nearly an hour later.

Rosemary Negel, who lives on a farm in Kilmartin Glen near Lochgilfed, said the shaking was so strong that she initially thought something had exploded in one of her sheds.

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