Scotland: Gerrard warns Rangers supporters

Steven Gerrard manager Glasgow Rangers

Glasgow Rangers manager Steven Gerrard has warned his team’s supporters ahead of the derby against Celtic Glasgow scheduled for next weekend in the Scottish Premier League.

Led by Glasgow Rangers Steven Gerrard Celtic ended Glasgow’s dominance, having so far won nine consecutive Scottish Championship titles. Many Glasgow Rangers fans want to take advantage of the “Old Firm” next Sunday to celebrate and honor their heroes. But manager Steven Gerrard invites him to stay home due to the Kovid-19 epidemic.

“Shameful ceremony”

Especially after the title became official, Gers’ supporters gathered around Ibrox during the match against Saint-Mirren (3–0) and then during the Celtic draw against Dundee United (0–0). Happened. The fans then proceeded to George Square to celebrate the title. The Scottish police have arrested 28 fans and fined many more for breaking the Kovid-19 rules during wild celebrations welcoming the Rangers’ 55th title. The ceremony led to the conviction of Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon, who described the scenes as “Very embarrassing and shameful towards ending the sanctions from the country”.

“Maintain the reputation of this 150-year-old institution”

In a letter published on Club website , Gerrard wrote: ” It is a great privilege to be the manager of this great football club, and it comes with a great responsibility. I think we have to take collective responsibility to ensure that we maintain the good reputation of this 150 year old institution which represents more than 11 players on the pitch. Keeping this in mind, we have to remember who we represent, we have to remember who we are and we have to remember what this club stands for. “

“Here and now, in all honesty, do I want 50,000 fans inside ibrox?” 100% Yes. Players want us to sing and support us on the pitch and hear you behind every pass, every tackle and hit the ball net, as well as the overall loss. However, unfortunately, you cannot be with us here and now. You can’t follow us all the way to Parkhead as Champions – and for the first time we can say we’re Champions in a decade. It hurts me, it hurts my management team and it hurts my players. “

“Stay in the comfort of your home”

“Do not doubt, we want you to be there with us, but unfortunately you cannot be at this time. The best place you can support my players and me is in the comfort of your home this Sunday. We know You are with us in spirit and we know how much you felt last weekend when we won the title. We know that you all have enjoyed it, but we need to be safe and stay home. is “ Glasgow ends Gerrard’s message to Rangers supporters.

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