Scotland Gives Its Snowplow Short Nicknames And It’s Hilarious


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At this time, a very cold winter is brewing over Scotland, leaving behind snow-covered roads. This is the reason why these all-terrain vehicles are currently traveling to all four corners of the country to make the roads more walkable.

The icing on the cake, it’s possible to follow their tracks in real time thanks a venue established by the authorities. He really thought of everything.

And thanks to this, you will be able to see that “Spready Mercury” is more in the south of the country, while “Sledge Zeppelin”, he, cares for the north-west.

Finally, as promised, here’s a small compilation of the funniest names that have been assigned.

  • gritney spears
  • Greatest Hits
  • i want to break the freeze
  • luke snowwalker
  • the biggest snowman
  • snowman go
  • Salt Disney
  • Buzz Ice Clear
  • Lord Coldemort, Always With You A Blizzard Harry

You will understand, our Scottish friends are full of imagination and humour. Some may be inspired by it.

in short

“Blizzard Bear”, “David Plowy”, no doubt now, it’s official, Scottish officials really are the funniest.

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