Scotland intends to play France despite Kovid’s affairs

Scotland intends to play France despite Kovid's affairs

Scotland intends (strongly) to play from France

Despite an outbreak of Kovid-19 cases that tormented France’s XV with fifteen positive cases, including eleven among the players, Scotland are scheduled to meet the Blues as part of a six-nation tournament this Sunday Hai, Stade France. “The Scottish national team continues to prepare for France in Paris on Sunday, the Scottish Federation said. Our players, coaches and supporters hope the game can be planned according to the current tournament schedule.”

France’s XV: Pacenti also positive

Paloise Baptist Passanti tested positive for Kovid-19 at a club on Monday, as indicated by Ragbirama and confirmed by RMC Sport. The second line of the 23-year-old, also called a reinforcements on the list of 31 for Scotland by the staff of France’s XV on Monday, following the package of Rome’s Taofifenua, was also corrupted, did not play this weekend against Toulon. Pesenti prepared for the matches against Italy and Ireland and made two trips, but without playing. He was to join Marxis. This was without relying on a new contamination. Eleventh among the French players and the sixth day after the announcement of positive cases for Cyril Ballet, Pito Mouvac, Romain Tofifenua, Bryce Dulin and Captain Charles Olivon. In addition, four staff members have also been infected in recent times, including coach Fabian Galthey.

A new positive test in the ranks of Toulon

Concerned over two Kovid-19 cases, the Friday before the match against Pau in the Top 14, racing club Tallonis reported a new positive case this Monday. “The RCT specifies that this member of the workforce was tested negative on Friday, February 19, 2021 and thus participated in the trip and meeting against the section policy”, the War Club indicates. Pending “new recommendations from the NRL Medical Expertise Commission”, staff and players will be tested again on Tuesday, warned the RCT. Toulon’s next match is scheduled for Friday night against Beyoncé. The meeting continues.

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The public is returning to England

The British government has targeted a return of supporters to stadiums in England from 17 May, if health conditions are limited to a maximum of 10,000 people, Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced on Monday.

The decontamination scheme presented by Johnson to lawmakers provides for the return of spectators to sporting events on this date, up to a quarter of the stadium capacity, but no more than 10,000 people. For indoor sporting events, more than half of the capacity can be used, with no more than 1,000 people.

France-Scotland decision in 48 hours

According to information from RMC Sport, the match between France and Scotland, uncertain due to the outbreak of Kovid-19 cases in the French ranks, is currently maintained on Sunday. This is the priority of the VI Nations Tournament Committee that wants to give itself 48 hours before a decision is made. In the event of adjournment, the meeting may be adjourned for a week. Nothing has been decided yet, and won’t happen until Wednesday.

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Dortmund: Handland and club may be reprimanded

On Saturday evening, Erling Haland and Emre Can celebrated Borussia Dortmund’s victory in the derby in Schalke 04 (0-4) in front of nearly 200 fans. This large crowd of supporters greeted his team’s bus with flair at night in front of the Borussia Training Center.

Problem: According to photos posted on the social media show, the players – who stayed on their bus – were not wearing masks and maintained social distance as required by the German Football League’s Hygiene Protocol (DFL). The body therefore sought clarification from the club, which reprimanded its players in front of these “unbearable” ceremonies.

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France’s XV: 5 new positive cases, including Olivan

Health conditions within France’s XV are severely deteriorating. This Monday, the tests, carried out on Sunday when the players arrived at the Markosis, revealed five new positive cases within the group: Charles Olivon, Bryce Dulin, Romain Toffifenua, Cyril Ballet and Piao Mauwak.

They have been replaced in the group, to challenge Scotland during the 3rd day of the Sixth Nations tournament on Sunday (4pm), with hooker Gaetan Barlot (Castres), columnist Tieri Paiva (Bordeaux), second row Cyril Cajio (Bordeaux) ), Second or third line Baptiste Pensenti (Pau) and behind Thomas Ramos (Toulouse).

Antoine DuPont, Gabin Villier, Mohammed Houas, Julian Marchand and Arthur Vincent are also absent due to Kovid-19.

In addition, two members of the management are treated as suspected cases.

Australian Open final interrupted by Kovid vaccination

Novak Djokovic’s victory over Daniel Medvedev in the Australian Open final led to a surprising result of the health crisis. On the eve of the start of the vaccination campaign in the country, many fans photographed the first injection (for health or safety personnel) broadcast on the stadium’s giant screen on the occasion of the closing ceremony.

During the ceremony of handing the trophy to the winner, Serbian Novak Djokovic, Australian tennis mentor Jane Hurdlika, was instigated by some of the 7,500 spectators when she mentioned the vaccination campaign in hopes that it would restore normalcy in the running of sports competitions. will allow. . These spectators also expressed their disapproval when they were thanked by officials in Melbourne and Victoria State, where the city is located, for allowing organization of the first Grand Slam tournament of the year.

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Good morning everybody

It has now been a little over a year since the coronovirus epidemic has shaken the world and the sport in particular. The presence of variants is a concern and has even hit the XV of France hard in recent times. If the Sixth Nations tournament match against Scotland is not in danger at the moment, the Blues will be denied several officials.

Football is not out and the Euro next summer still raises many questions. According to the English press, the United Kingdom also offered to host UEFA to host the entire continental competition.


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