Scotland: Mickey Mellon returns to Tranmere Rovers after season with Dundee United

Micky Mellon

Scotland manager Michael Joseph Mellon has returned to Tranmere Rovers after voluntarily leaving the club for Dundee United.

The former West Bromwich Albion manager returns to Prenton Park to regain control of the club he left last season. Following his signing, Mickey Mellon stated that he is pleased with his stay at Tranmere Rovers.

“It’s great to be back in Tranmere, but I have to let everyone know that I’m back for the right reasons. I chatted with the president yesterday and explained how I wanted to work. We both reached a point where Went where we said it was possible and put the old group back together. I’m delighted to be working with Ian Dawes and Andy Parkinson who will join me to train the technical staff. These are the people I’ve been with for a long time. I know from time to time, ”reports the official website of Tranmere Rovers.

“Everybody knows me, I don’t need any inspiration. I don’t need inspiration from what happened before. It’s up to Tranmere now to progress as a football club, as it always does. I used to keep an eye on the club. I was glad to see Tranmere playing well, I had watched many games and saw that the club was doing well. I kept track of things, just as a fan and I did everyone else kind of supported him from afar,” said Mickey Mellon.

Mickey Mellon knows the expectations and requirements of staying at the top of Tranmere Rovers. He is part of the club’s history by being the manager of this formation from 2016 to 2020. On 12 May 2018, Mellon brought Tranmere back to the English Football League, while he was playing in the National League at the time. To take office On May 25, 2019, Tranmere Rovers were promoted to the English League Two, before Mickey Mellon left the club in 2020.

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