Scotland: More people for freedom after Brexit and pandemic?

Scotland: More people for freedom after Brexit and pandemic?

Scottish independence is at the top of the agenda just days before parliamentary elections. Scottish National Party Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon is campaigning with it, while her challengers feel other issues are more important.

For Nicola Sturgeon, after Brexit and the pandemic, the time has come for another referendum. In the 2014 independence referendum, the majority of Scots were in favor of staying in the state. But the mood could have changed in the meantime, Sturgeon says.

More nods for independence after Brexit and the pandemic?

“A vote for the SNP in this election is first a vote for the experienced leadership to get through the COVID pandemic and then it is a vote to give the people a choice of freedom,” Sturgeon said.

The Scottish National Party is ahead in the elections – but will not get a majority, says Conservative chairman Douglas Ross: “We will not let them win the election as long as the Scottish Conservatives have an opportunity like the SNP majority. To stop 2016.”

Does the issue of independence distract from more important issues?

Other parties, the Tories, Labor and the Liberal Democrats, are against independence, either in principle or at the moment. Scottish Labor leader Ansas Sarwar criticizes the fact that the question of independence is very central in Scottish politics.

“My job is to promote what I believe in. I don’t think independence or a referendum is the right thing for Scotland to come out of this pandemic,” Sarwar said.

It is not just Scotland that will vote; Voters across England will be called to vote on Thursday. This is the first testimony for the government since the pandemic began.

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