Scotland: Pads and tampons available soon for free

Scotland: Pads and tampons available soon for free

In Scotland, pads and tampons should be available free of charge in the future. The Edinburgh Parliament passed a law that obliged the government to develop a program for the provision of period products. In addition, the government should be able to oblige the authorities to provide menstrual items for free, and schools and universities should put pads and tampons in the toilet.

“Period can be very expensive”

“MPs are a normal part of life, but it can be very expensive,” said Labor MP Monica Lennon, who pushed the bill further. “During the campaign over the last four years, we met young women in training who could not afford the products or were ashamed to ask family members for sanitary towels or tampons. This is especially a problem for young people. Can be a difficult experience. “

According to the government, Scotland is the first country to provide free access to period products to its citizens. It wants to fight the so-called poverty. On average, women in Great Britain spend the equivalent of about 9 euros per month on pads and tampons. Those who cannot use this standard products for longer than intended or resort to toilet paper, for example, can cause infections and other problems: It is stated in the bill. In general, the demand for blackboard has increased, meaning that more and more women are dependent on donations for hygiene products.

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