Scotland: Support for independence at record level, poll finds

Scotland: Support for independence at record level, poll finds

Edinburgh | An unprecedented majority of 58% of Scots now say they are in favor of taking their territory from the United Kingdom, according to a poll published Wednesday by the Ipsos Mori Institute.

The poll, conducted between 2 and 9 October between 1,045 Scots, also shows that First Minister Nicola Sturgeon’s Scottish Nationalist Party (SNP) has “very strong” support from the public, with 72% of the novel coronavirus pandemics owning it. Are satisfied with the management.

The team therefore appears in a strong position ahead of local elections in May 2021. The SNP, responsible for making its own decisions in matters of education, health and transportation, could win several seats in Holyrode’s decentralized parliament.

‘If the SNP gets a majority in next year’s local elections, our poll suggests there will be significant public pressure for the UK central government to transfer powers to the Scottish Parliament for a second independence referendum. From the region, commented Emily Gray, Managing Director of Ipsos Mori Scotland.

In 2014 such a survey was conducted and Scots voted 55% to remain in the United Kingdom. Since then, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson refused to allow Scotland a new referendum, arguing that it is a vote that comes “once in a generation”.

Nicola Sturgeon has promised to fix the terms and date of a second referendum ahead of local elections in May, arguing that Brexit has been a game-changer for the Scots. The British province actually voted heavily against leaving the European Union in 2016, having been adopted nationally and effectively since late January.


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