Scotland’s season break is until 10 June

Scotland's season break is until 10 June

Glasgow – The Scottish Football Association has extended the season break to six weeks in all national leagues. As association officials announced on Thursday, the ball will rest in both the professional and hobby sectors until at least June 10. Until now, only a halt was planned until 30 April.

“The message is very clear,” said FA Scottish President Rod Petrie because on organized football in Scotland. “

Decision may not be until 23 April

While amateur body responsible bodies are discussing the end of a season on Friday, the Scottish Premier League must wait until at least the UEFA board meeting on 23 April. In the case of Belgium, the European Football Union threatened to lose European Cup places if the season was canceled too early.

However, due to the various games played, a particular scenario is already designed for the early stages. Then the average points per game should lead to a proper final table.

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