Scottish hockey champions withdraw from EuroHockey League Cup, Grange mentions Kovid travel restrictions in Belgium

Grange retires from EuroHockey League Cup

The Scottish champions were set to face SV Arminen, but the Austrian would be entered in the second round.

Grange’s managing director, Martin Shepherdson, said: “The ever-changing travel restrictions and not knowing what they might be like by the end of the month is what is preventing us from traveling to Belgium, especially if not possible. With the current quarantine. And containment, which will be very complicated and costly. It is very disappointing.

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Although the European Hockey Federation would not impose any direct restrictions for retirement, Grange would not earn any points in the standings. Scotland are ranked eighth behind Ireland, Belarus and Austria, but going into 12th place they will be completely out of the EHL.

Additionally, the Wildcats have withdrawn from the second tier trophy and neither the Clydesdale Western nor the University of Edinburgh will play in the lower tier of the Challenge.

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