Seven Interesting Facts About Six Nations Rugby

Seven Interesting Facts About Six Nations Rugby

Munich – Rugby Six Nations (all games live on ProSieben MAXX and is in full swing and also offers interesting stories off the pitch. Seven crazy facts about the tournament:

1. The Champagne Problem

Like any other sport, in rugby too, after winning the tournament, there is a gleeful celebration. Of course, the champagne should not disappear, but at some point the trophy refused to participate. Because the winning teams of previous years always drank their champagne from the trophy, the inside of the bowl was covered in silver. As a result, those responsible had the inside of the new trophy with a 22-karat gold lining from 2015. A rim has also been added to the new trophy to make it easier to drink.

2. Lots of Beers

The amount of beer reportedly destroyed during a game at Twickenham Stadium in London is 160,547 pints. With a capacity of 82,000 spectators, each visitor receives approximately one liter of beer per game. England have not won the tournament since 2017 and lost the first game of the year to France as well. With so much beer, the mood in the stadium should still be cheery.

3. Golden Five

Before the rules were adjusted in 1994, the team with the most wins. Curious situation arose in 1973 that in the end all five teams had two victories. This was one of the reasons that the distinction is now made according to the marks obtained.

4. Enamel Jam

The so-called Calcutta Cup trophy, played during the Six Nations tournament between England and Scotland, has a special origin. A rugby game between the British and the Scots in Calcutta in 1872 thrilled the Indian population, leading to the establishment of the Calcutta Football Club. When the association was again dissolved, the other members took out the last money from the account of the association and melted silver coins worth Rs 50,000 and made a trophy out of them. It was handed over to the Rugby Football Union with the stipulation that a game be played each year between England and Scotland, played as part of the Rugby Six Nations.

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5. Wooden Spoon Hunter

The winners of the Rugby Six Nations will not only receive a trophy, but the team that finishes last in the table will also receive an imaginary hiking trophy. Teams don’t like to go home with “wooden spoons” in their luggage. Italy is a permanent customer: Italians have been in last place 14 times since 2000. Also this season, the first game was lost against defending champions Wales by 0:42.

6. Lose and Still Win

In addition to prizes for tournament victories and last place, there are seven other trophies that are played during the Rugby Six Nations. England – Scotland, England – Ireland, Ireland – Scotland, France – Italy, France – Scotland and Scotland – Wales are silverware for the winner of the Games. Another prestigious award is winning the Triple Crown. The country that wins against the other three from England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales can win. So it is quite possible that a country will return home with a lot of jewels in spite of many defeats.

7. One of the oldest tournaments in the world

The Rugby Six Nations has been organized since 1883, making it one of the oldest tournaments in the world. Curious when you consider that the same teams have been competing against each other since 1883. Despite the consistency, new excitement is guaranteed every year.

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