Sexual Harassment Allegation | O’Toole confirms exclusion of a candidate in Nova Scotia

  Sexual Harassment Allegation |  O'Toole confirms exclusion of a candidate in Nova Scotia

Saying she “takes any allegation of sexual misconduct or harassment very seriously”, Conservative leader Erin O’Toole confirmed the boycott of a candidate in Nova Scotia on Monday, in the wake of condemnation of sexual harassment published online.

Henri Ouellet-Vezina

Henri Ouellet-Vezina

“We take any allegations of sexual misconduct or harassment very seriously. So this person is no longer the candidate of our party. We need to make sure that we have a handful of candidates who are here to serve the country, and that we show our support for the victims and show zero tolerance for those who are subject to charges.” O’Toole argued. , Ontario.

Earlier on Monday, the party revealed in a brief statement that Troy Myers is no longer the candidate at Dartmouth-Cole Harbor in Halifax, Nova Scotia. National campaign officials claimed to have learned of a “serious allegation” against him on Sunday evening. “We take allegations of sexual misconduct seriously what they deserve. The Conservative Party asked Mr. Myers to withdraw his candidacy, and he accepted,” he adds, although without mentioning what he was accused of. Has been charged. Erin O’Toole also did not provide further details.

Photo from Troy Myers Facebook page

Troy Myers was a Conservative candidate in Dartmouth-Cole Harbor, Nova Scotia.

On Twitter, Lauren Skabar, who ran for the provincial New Democrats in Nova Scotia, claimed to have been attacked by the Conservative candidate on Sunday evening. She claims to have met him during a convention of the Nova Scotia Library Association in October 2019.

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MMe Schauber explains that Mr. Myers, who is the CEO of South Shore Public Libraries (SSPL), offered him a job upon graduation, defining himself as his “future boss”. “The next day, when the day’s programs were over and a group of us moved from the main lodge to a separate cabin, I stopped to tie my shoe and waited for me during the rest of the group,” he continued. Tells.

“As we started walking again, he asked me if I was cool in ‘that short skirt’ and pulled my hem. Before I could say anything, he put his hand behind my skirt and into my underwear When I objected, he told me that this was not my way of talking to my “future boss,” says the main interested party.

She goes on to say that she was “disgusted” and “heartbroken”. “The next morning, after the closing remarks, he saw me. […] Seeing him running for a position of power after experiencing the way he uses his current power is what enrages me,” she said.

False allegations, Myers retaliates

On his Facebook page on Monday morning, Troy Myers spoke of the “false” allegations. “I have spent my entire career working and promoting an environment of respect and equality. In the best interest of my family, colleagues and career, I have made the difficult decision to retire from politics and focus all my attention and effort to combat these outrageous false statements. I have already consulted a legal advisor to examine all the options,” he said.

He also thanked the volunteers and expressed “deep gratitude to my family who were with me throughout the process” during his candidacy and election campaign. “It was a difficult time for him. I intend to protect my reputation and the good reputation of my family,” he wrote.

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Under its post, which is public, comments have been limited. “The democratic process in our community and in our province is vibrant and healthy, and I am grateful for the opportunity to participate and engage in this important community consultation,” Mr. Myers said.

“Climate Control”: No Comment on Candidate Statements

Erin O’Toole continued Monday, refusing to comment directly on statements from her Ontario candidate Cheryl Gallant, who branded the scarecrow of “climate control” soon imposed by a liberal government, according to her. “All my candidates agree with our plan,” he repeated several times, despite the urgings of journalists who follow his caravan and who sought clarification on the climate-skeptical exit of some candidates.


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