Shortage of spectators in interschool sports: Ministry backs off. COVID-19 in the Atlantic

  Shortage of spectators in interschool sports: Ministry backs off.  COVID-19 in the Atlantic

Ale’Assinab It had contacted its members on Wednesday to advise them that spectators would no longer be allowed during interschool sports games.

Extra-curricular groups and sports teams for students 12 years of age and older will be able to enter and exit cutout areas to play. No spectators will be allowed to attend teams’ matches, whether or not they are in the cutout area.Can we read?

On Thursday afternoon, the organization told its members that it had received a the explanation from the ministry.

Now we indicate that no spectators shall be allowed to participate in a match in which one of the teams is in the cutout area,

When circuit breaker measures were put in place to slow the growth of COVID-19 cases in New Brunswick, school games for children 12 and under were suspended. For the vaccinated young athletes, activities proceeded as normal, but spectators were not admitted.

The advanced changes will allow youth from areas that are not in the circuit cutout zone to travel to target areas. Currently, the south-east part and the north-west part of the province are affected by these measures.

Areas affected by circuit breaker measures in New Brunswick.

Photo: Radio-Canada

Unlike last year, school sports were able to resume in New Brunswick this year. Young athletes over the age of 12 should be vaccinated. Parents and spectators are not allowed inside the schools, but they can participate in community venues or activities outside, for example at football fields, in swimming pools and arenas. Visitors must present proof of vaccination for indoor activities.

For now, the spectator ban only affects schools, not extra-curricular activities, such as minor hockey, or elite sports.

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Schools will be responsible for advising participants that spectators will not be allowed if this happens.

A petition collects thousands of signatures

The spectator ban prompted citizens to start a petition. It had collected over 3,300 signatures in the early hours of Thursday afternoon.

Olivier Arsenault plays football and hockey at the Marie-Astor School in Shipgun. He welcomes the fall of the ministry.

With this accuracy, it seems much clearer and more logical.

He believes spectators should be allowed even when players from cutout areas are involved in the game.

If in civil sport we can respect the rules and make sure there is no broadcast, why can’t we do it in inter-school? it lacks logic and justification, he emphasizes.

Lyons David is a hockey coach at the polyvalent Louis-Melloux. He is relieved by the easing of the measures as his team plays its first match on Friday. But he thinks that the root of the problem remains.

Lyons David

Lyons David, hockey coach at High School Louis-Melloux

Photo courtesy

New Brunswick Admits Everyone Plays Their Game full potential, but Mr. Cardi and the decision-makers have decided that there cannot be spectators in the cutout areas. How can we have a center avenir plein with 10,000 people and an arena with young people from inter-school years to none, he asks.

Lyons David has already spoken to colleagues and hopes to be able to discuss with ministry representatives soon.

Many condemned the ban on spectators on Thursday morning. The students also asked direct questions to the minister on social media.

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With information from Rachel Gauvin, François Le Blanc and the show Morning from ICI Academy


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