Shorte can quit postman job due to viral hit

<p>Nathan Evans, Postbote und Sänger aus Schottland (undatierte Aufnahme). Der 26-Jährige aus Schottland hat nach dem Riesenerfolg seines Seemannslieds auf der Social-Media-Plattform Tiktok seinen Job als Postbote aufgegeben und kann nun von seiner Musik leben.</p>

Shorte can quit postman job due to viral hit

“It’s definitely pretty crazy,” said the Evans of the German press agency. “It was a big surprise.” With the cover version of the old sailor song “Wellerman” from the English band “The Longest Johns”, Evans had not only garnered a viral hit on Ticktock in the past few days, but had conquered the official British charts.

“The song is just something for everyone to smile about,” Evans said. Everyone can sing along, especially in the current lockdown, where everyone is at home, fully worked. To his surprise success, Evans has now signed a record deal. He left it open to see if he could hear the sea shacks on his debut album. The new full-time musician has already quit his job as a postman. Evans says, he misses running too much in fresh air. “I don’t do any other sports – that was good.” (Dpa / mv)

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