Six Nations 2018: all about the rugby classic

England tritt als Titelverteidiger bei den Six Nations 2018 an.

Six Nations – The mother of all tournaments. As with all previous tournaments, a number of countries have been fighting for the crown of European rugby since 1883 in the Six Nations. The national teams of England, France, Italy, Ireland, Scotland and Wales compete against each other in 15 sports. six nation 2018 Live on DAZN,

The tournament originated in 1883 when the four nations of Great Britain – England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales – competed against each other in the Four Nations Tournament. The first tournament winner was also the last: England. In the early 20th century, France made it a Five Nations tournament. Italy completed today’s territory in 2000.

Where can I watch the Six Nations live?

streaming service DAZN Live shows from six countries. DAZN is a multi-sport streaming platform offering live and on-demand European football and US sports in addition to rugby.

the first month is getting to know each other DAZN for free. Then there’s the widest range of games for 9.99 euros per month. DAZN Can be canceled monthly. Click here for the complete DAZN schedule.

Six Nations: What’s the Way?

In the Six Nations, six nations compete against each other in a round-robin mode. It means: everyone against everyone. The house law varies for each pair. Since 2017, the bonus points system has also been used in the Six Nations. A team gets one bonus point for four or more tries and one point for a loss with a margin of seven points.

If these are not the cases, there are no points for the loser, two points for a tie as before, and four points for the winner.

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