Six Nations Tournament: Positive for Kovid-19, Antoine DuPont undoubtedly forfeited against Scotland

Six Nations Tournament: Positive for Kovid-19, Antoine DuPont undoubtedly forfeited against Scotland

This is a tough blow for the French team. And perhaps the beginning of an actual cluster within the XV of France. The French Rugby Federation has actually announced that it has done a series of PCR tests with twelve international players on this Friday, 19 February. If eleven tests were negative, the twelfth is positive for Kovid-19 and Antoine DuPont worries.

The federation says that the scrum is half asymptomatic and is doing well. However, the wise and master player Tricolor will have to honor a minimum of seven days of separation as per the new health measures. A period that risks denying Scotland’s welcome on 28 February at the Stade de France during the third day of the six-nation tournament.

Last year was voted the best player of the Six Nations tournament, which is not the first case of the XV Tricolor. In midweek, coach Fabian Galthy and two of his assistants – one being William Cervat, the other’s name was not disclosed – tested positive for coronovirus. However, the coach spent a long time with Dupont on Monday evening during the presentation of the MIDI Olympic Gold Oscar in Toulouse.

Afraid for the rest of the tournament

We can now legitimately fear that the health bubble set up at the National Rugby Center in Marcusis (Elson) is no longer airtight and that other players in the gathering are also corrupted. The second day of this tournament is also a matter of concern for the Irish on Sunday 14 February (tri-color victory 13-15 on Sunday).

If this is the case, then it is the rest of the exam that can be called into question. After two days, Hobbs took first place, with two successes in two games, and presented himself as a serious contender for the coronation or even the Grand Slam.

Negative players are Dorian Aldegeri, Julian Marchand, Pito Mouwaka, Cyril Ballet, Dylan Cretin, Charles Olivon, Anthony Boytier, Louis Carbonell, Romeo Toffifenua, Paul Willemsey and Arthur Vincent.

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