Ski jumper Kramer flies with World Cup medal: fourth

Ski jumper Kramer flies with World Cup medal: fourth

As a co-favorite, Marita Kramer missed a medal in her World Cup debut. The 19-year-old landed fourth place in the Nordic Championships in Oberdorff on Thursday, out of the usual hill. The run-up was shortened by the jury before the half-time leader, but it did not blame the controversial decision, but was a nasty surge for the relapse. Emma Kleinek of Slovenia won the title ahead of defending champion Maran Lundby (NOR).

Kramer was placed in the top three in all jumps prior to the finals. The Salzburg woman expected precious metal in the first round, even for the second gold of the ÖSV ski jumper. But after a record distance of 109 meters, she landed badly in the 98 meters and missed the precious metal by 1.1 points behind World Cup record winner Sara Takanashi. Tears of despair began to flow in Kramer.

The stylish Daniela Erasco-Stolz, who won in Oslo in 2011 and finished third in Sefeld in 2019, placed eighth (95.5 / 95). Eva Pinkelig, who returned to the World Cup a week before the World Cup after a broken spleen, was disqualified from the 32nd position in the final of the Best 30 after an unsuccessful jump (81m). The team competition will run on Friday (5.15 pm / Live ORF 1).

Kramer had difficulty avoiding falling on the first jump. This did not reduce Sara Taknashi’s hill record by less than two meters. Describing the flight on ORF television, Kramer said, “I saw the green line below me, it scared me a little bit. I was still very high.” “This was my best jump in a long time, an incredible leap.”

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But just before his final attempt, the jury met and decided to shorten it, as Klinak had previously landed at just 100.5 meters. Mario Stetcher, Director of Sports at CherSV, protested as the clinics would not be shortened according to the rules. It is well suspected that the objection will come from nothing. “For us, it’s not so much about the issue of the cancellation of this competition, but rather that those who were at the traffic lights or in the jury will never get there again today,” Stetcher emphasized. It was not necessary to be short at all. RespondSV did not expect protests from the FIS on Thursday.

For ErSV head coach Harald Rodlauer, the jury measurement was highly questionable. “The fact that you interfere in the competition with the last female athlete is incomprehensible to me. It just wasn’t fair. I don’t know that these guys would sleep well today,” Styler said angered.

But Kramer did not see the flaw in others. The three-time winner of the season said, “This jump was just a bad situation. I probably wanted too much for these situations.” He is in fourth place. Jumping was not optimal, he also stopped the landing. These prints are priced at SK Salfelden Jumper, who moved to Maria Allam from the Netherlands at the age of eight with his family. For the final jump (grade between 15.5 and 16.5) she received 5.5 points less than the new world champion, setting her 4.4 points in the end. Kleinek’s first victory after eleven World Cup podiums equaled World Championship gold.

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“I would have won the medal even if I had landed normally. We said if you don’t land a telemark or ugly landing, you can finish fourth. And that’s exactly what happened to me,” Kramer said. said. His anger was only for a short time, however, as the ex-junior world champion made it surprisingly clear: “I am waiting for new jumpers.” He has three more chances to show his class in Algu.

Kremer was comforted by Erasto Gaurav, but he could not deliver the top performance he expected. Again and again in the World Cup, the 37-year-old was a few meters from a podium. “The performance was solid, it was fine,” Tyrolian said. It certainly was not the best jumps. But I could not meet today, unfortunately it happened and still gave my best. This was a close decision. “


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