Ski Jumping Tchaikovsky Women: Live Ticker – HS102 Team

Ski Jumping Tchaikovsky Women: Live Ticker - HS102 Team


Austria wins in short term jumping – DSV in third place

The competition was created for the morning hours in this country. The Austrians played their part as the favorites and eventually won a confident victory over the Slovenian team. DSV Jumpers finished third in Tchaikovsky and was able to take a good team result with him in the final individual competition.


So we say goodbye today without noticing a jumper from the beam. This will continue tomorrow at 8:00 am in the hope that things will ease. We will be there again and wish you a nice Saturday.

Contest canceled

Now the message has arrived. The match could not even start due to the strong wind. With this, the women will have only the last individual competition to be held on Sunday.

What will happen next?

So far there is no new message from the jury as to whether the first round can start at 2 pm or there will be another adjournment.

the wait continues

The jury has already decided that the first round will begin no earlier than 2 pm (6 pm local time). Further information is expected around 1:45 pm.

DSV Quartet

If it starts at 1:30 pm, the German women will start the first round with Katharina Althaus. She will be followed by Julian Seyfarth, Louisa Gorlich and finally Anna Rupprecht. So far, jumpers haven’t gotten along very well on the hill and haven’t been able to achieve a top ten spot in person. Today it is all about showing good jump again, so that tomorrow’s individual competition ends the season with a positive spirit.

start is delayed

The men have already had no luck with the weather conditions in Planica this morning and things are not looking good for the women either. The start of the first round has already been postponed by half an hour. The new start time is 1:30 p.m., but the jury wants to come back at 1:15 p.m. with new information.

Tension in the overall World Cup

A total of nine nations are competing in this final team competition. Today’s day is not included in the overall World Cup individual rankings, which will be decided on the last day of tomorrow’s jump. So the tension till the end is guaranteed.

Warm welcome!

Hello and welcome to the final women’s team competition this winter in Tchaikovsky, Russia. The first round should start at 1 pm.


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