Sources – Peter Liviolet will be the next coach of the Washington Capitals

Sources - Peter Liviolet will be the next coach of the Washington Capitals

Peter Liviolet has agreed to become the new coach of the Washington Capitals, sources confirmed to ESPN.

The Liviolet deal is expected to last for three years, a source told ESPN.

Laviolet, 55, has 18 years of experience as head coach and is ranked 16th in all-time wins with a career record of 637-425-123. Liviolet won the Stanley Cup with the Hurricanes in 2006 and most recently coached the Predators, but was sacked in January after five-and-a-half seasons with the team. Liviolet also led the 2010 Flyers and 2017 Predators to the Stanley Cup Final.

Liviolet is still under contract with Predators for next season, worth $ 2.5 million, but Capitals is expected to cover that salary as part of the deal.

Todd Redden, who was fired three days after Washington Washington was knocked out of the playoffs this summer, has been replaced by Leviolet. The Capitals hired one of their top aides, Redden, shortly after winning a Stanley Cup in 2018 following a contract dispute with coach Barry Trots. The loss of the game to the Trots Islands this summer.

Redden has since been hired as an assistant coach in Pittsburgh.

And Washington’s GM Brian McClean was clear that the top criterion he was looking for in a new coach was experience. Mike Bebek and Gerard Gallant were the other two finalists from Washington, according to sources. Trots was the only coach of the six Alex Ovekkin An era with previous head-coaching experience. The other five were funny.

McClellan said last month that he began seeing regression in his team in late December.

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“You can see the style of the game is starting to deteriorate,” M Kalela told reporters in August Gust. “I think we have a good culture here, and it’s slipping. I think we need to catch it, get it back to where it was. We’ve developed a habit of thinking that when we can play better, we develop better habits. You have to play well and the games will take care of themselves. “

Capitals face another seizure in which they are hit by a salary cap, which is expected to be 81.5 million. Goli Braden Holtby, Who won the cup in 2018, is a restricted free agent and could start walking when the team turns to the 23-year-old. Ilya Samsonov Net Ovechkin, meanwhile, is set to become a free agent in 2021.


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