Sports news: Verstappen takes pole in home race

Sports news: Verstappen takes pole in home race
Swiss wheelchair athletes are in the race for gold at the Paralympics. Marcel Hugo wins over 800 meters, Manuela Sharo And Katherine Debner over 400 meters

Hugh’s helmet is silver, but gold color would be better for him. till third time Thurgau had won the gold medal that day. before that he was already 5000 m and 1500 m. more than could not be defeated. PracticeR 800 M Hugh held onto the scepter from the start and didn’t let himself get out of the top. In the end, he had given up a good four tenths of his first chase.

Schar already protected her fourth medal In these Games, she was the second gold in over 800 m, she was second in 5000 m and over 1500 m. Over 400 meters of distance, which she repeatedly refers to as love-hate, she celebrated victory from start to finish, so to speak; She was ahead of the first meter after a successful start. In the end he had outpaced his opponents by three tenths or more.

Nearly two years after winning the World Cup title in Dubai and three months after winning the European Championships in Bydgoszcz, Poland debraner Can’t be beaten even on track laps in Tokyo. she lived with one second ahead. In Japan’s capital, the primary school teacher, who has been in a wheelchair since she was born due to a spinal tumor, has already won a bronze medal over 800 meters. (EX/SDA)


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