Statement on COVID-19 positive fan

Statement on COVID-19 positive fan

The Kansas City Department of Health has reportedly made a positive presentation for COVID-19 to a guest who took part in Thursday night’s game at Aerohead Stadium. We re to provide all relevant information available. Ga has worked in collaboration with Rex Archer and the Kansas City Department of Health.

Contact tracing mechanisms near the club, including parking and ticket scanning data, as well as video record reviews, indicate that the person has made a positive presentation and enters the stadium following the person’s party mask command. The process allowed the team to identify the other guests sitting with the person, the service staff with whom the person could be contacted, as well as any other ticket holders close to the person at the time of entry into the stadium. Within hours of being notified, the chiefs were able to suggest the names of other members of the party as well as detailed information about the route and location of entry, and this information was provided to the health department. The tracing capabilities in the stadium allow for an expansion of communication to learn more about the guest activity on Thursday night’s game and the days following.

An individual and a group of individuals sat on the lower level of the stadium. By design, the stadium’s COVID protocol scheme limits potential exposure to a single seating area inside the stadium. All employees with known interactions with a positive case were required to wear personal protective equipment (PPE), including masks. In addition, all attendees are required to wear masks inside the stadium for on-site protocol.

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Adherence to protocols remains a key component in making this plan effective. We appreciate the professionalism and diligence of the Department of Health and will continue to support its efforts in this regard and throughout the season.


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