Statilers vs Ravens score: Pittsburgh remain unbeaten after rally to beat Baltimore

Statilers vs Ravens score: Pittsburgh remain unbeaten after rally to beat Baltimore

’72 Dolphins have to wait at least a week for their champagne to pop. The Staffers, the NFL’s last undefeated team, are 7-0 after a back-to-back fight to beat Ravens 28-24.

Meet though A Peak-Six by linebacker Robert Spilen On the first possession of the game, the visiting Steelers found themselves leaving the Ravens behind at halftime, 17-7 p.m. But in the second half, KX cutterback Ben Rothlisberger’s game, along with Jackson’s second interception, after a break, allowed Pittsburgh to score 21 of the game’s 28 points. Rothlisberger, after managing just 42 pass yards in the first half, throws a second-and-a-half half-touchdown pass with his game-winner, an eight-yard pass left at 7:32 in Chase Clapul.

The Ravens then had two chances to regain the lead, but both were eliminated. With less than two minutes left, the Steelers ‘defensive lineman Isaiah Bugs blocked Jackson’s fourth down run from the Steels’ 8-yard line. After the Pittsburgh Punt, Jackson’s pass in the final zone led to the Baltimore Steelers’ 23-yard line before breaking time.

The Ravens not only missed a 5-2 drop, they lost to Ronnie Stanley in the first quarter after an ankle injury. Ravens coach John Harbo said after the game that Stanley’s injury would keep him out for the rest of the season.

Here’s a closer look at what happened during Sunday’s game.

Why the Steelers won

Pittsburgh got 14 points from Jackson’s two interceptions, who were fired four times while failing to complete half of his 28 pass attempts. The Steelers also got their passing game in the second half, with Juju Smith-Schuster leading the way with seven receptions. Jackson, Gus Edwards and J.K. After allowing Dobbins to run about 180 yards, the Ravens were held below 90 rushing yards in the second half, in defense of Pittsburgh. The Steelers defense also came into the game late with two critical breaks to maintain the win.

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Why Ravens lost

Despite trailing the Steelers in Tee 457-6, the Ravens lost after losing 1-1, in a turnover battle. The Baltimore defense awarded three expensive penalties on Pittsburgh’s final scoring drive and allowed the Steelers to touchdown on all three of their Red Zone assets. In contrast, the Ravens came away without any issues on two separate trips within the Stavers 20-yard-line.

Ravens also missed the absence of Stanley, offensive lineman Tire Phillips and defensive end Matt Juden during the game. Phillips was injured during the first quarter, while Judan was ruled out after contacting an officer near the end of the first half. Baltimore got a strong game from the Dobbins, running for a season-high 113 yards while averaging 7.5 yards per carry.


The Steelers got into trouble in the middle after getting just 64 yards in the first 30 minutes. The Pittsburgh defense, as it did at the start of the game, came up with another big game early in the second half when linebacker Alex Highsmith picked up Jacques Jackson in the Vance field outside. The score set Rothlisburger’s 18-yard touchdown pass to Eric Abron. After Pittsburgh’s defense, James Connor’s one-yard touchdown run pushed Punt before heading into the fourth quarter.

Play the game

Injured starter Tyson Allulu was replaced by Bugs, with Jackson’s big stop on the Ravens’ fourth down attempt with less than two minutes left. The Steelers ‘defense then blocked the Ravens’ last second pass, as Jackson’s end zone pass for Willie Snead was broken by Minkah Fitzpatrick.

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“We have respect for him, but we’re not afraid of him. So we can’t be surprised by anything he transfers.” – Steelers coach Mike Tomlin talks about Pittsburgh’s success in defending Jetson

What’s next

Pittsburgh will be on the road for the third straight week next Sunday, as they head to Dallas to face the Cowboys. After beating the Lions in Delaware, the Ravens improved to 5-2 on Sunday and will head to Indianapolis to face the Colts.

Revive Sunday’s thrilling game by taking a look at the live blog below.


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