Steelers on Jaguars’ score: Pittsburgh improve to 10-0 due to strong defense

Steelers on Jaguars' score: Pittsburgh improve to 10-0 due to strong defense

Steelers defeated the Jaguars at Jacksonville on Sunday, 27-3, forcing a four-turnover, led by Ben Rothlisberger’s two touchdown passes and a defense. In the process, the Stats became the 17th team in the Super Bowl era to start the season with at least 10 consecutive wins.

Trailing 3-0 after a quarter, Pittsburgh scored on three consecutive drives in the second quarter. Ben Rothlisberger hits Rookie Chase Clapul following Chris Boswell’s 44-yard field goal For a 31-yard touchdown, Clapool’s 10th score of the season. The Jaguars threatened to score against Steelers Tyson Allulu, who missed the first round of the 2010 draft, after Luton’s red zone pass was blocked by Minkh Fitzpatrick. With less than a minute left in half a minute, set a one-yard touchdown of Pick or Benny Snell.

After a third-quarter scoreless, the Steelers scored 10 fourth-quarter points, sealing their 10th win in 10 games. 20-3 ahead, Terrell Edmunds’ Game The second pick Set Rothlisburger’s 20-yard touchdown pass to Eric Abron. The touchdown was the final pass of Rothlisberger’s game, which went 32 of 46 in 267 yards. His favorite on Sunday was Dionta Johnson, who scored 12 of 16 goals for 111 yards.

Here’s a closer look at how the Steelers were able to stay undefeated.

Why the Steelers won

Pittsburgh got a balanced offensive attack that had to run back Johnson and James Kerner, who combined 210 all-purpose yards. The Steelers ‘defense was paired with the Jaguars’ talented DJ Chark and Keelen Cole, who caught just six passes in combined 77 yards. Pittsburgh’s pass was able to exert constant pressure on quarterback Jack Luton under the leadership of Rush, Bud Dupree, TJ Watt and Stephen Tute, who failed to complete 50% of his passes.

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Why did the Jaguars lose

Without losing Jones Allen in the third quarter and linebacker Josh Allen in the third quarter without Jones of Six and CJ Henderson, Jacksonville failed to put pressure on Rothlisburger, who was not fired and was barely touched. In offense, the Jaguars were unable to stay on the field as they were only 4-of-13 in third place. Jacksonville got another strong game from a rookie who ran behind James Robinson, who had 94 yards on 21 touchdowns.


Instead of allowing a game-tying touchdown before halftime, the Steelers extended their lead to 14 points after a block by a Fitzpick trick. The Fitzpick trick, the five-pass pick last season L-Pro last season, the second pick of the day (and the third of his last two games) with six minutes left.

Play the game

Claypool’s touchdown catch was impressive, but the best game of the game goes to Johnson, whose impressive 23-yard catch set up Snell’s one-yard touchdown. In his last three games, Johnson, the 2019 third-round pick, has caught 24 passes for 304 yards.


“These guys are playing hard, and playing well quickly and collectively. We’re getting turnover. But I think the catalyst for all this is that the guys are playing very hard and fast. And I think That’s what creates the momentum that we provide. We ride or wave. “- Steelers coach Mike Tomlin on his defense, who has allowed only four third-down conversions in the last two games.

“There is pressure in our business. I don’t know if you call it more pressure or not. I know that regardless of our record, we will be committed to winning this game that we will play in the game on Thursday night. I just think that some There’s fodder, it’s storylines. If you want to talk to the guys during the week, we respect our process, and we’re getting ready to go down to the stadium to play. There’s an urgent need. “But it’s the same regardless of the record. I’m sure people who aren’t perfect, they feel the pressure to exit week in and week out.” – Tomlin on whether his team feels more pressure after a 10-0 start

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What’s next

Steelers will host Ravens on Thanksgiving Day. Pittsburgh, who beat Baltimore in the weekend, will now face the Ravens in Sunday’s overtime defeat to the Titans. The Jaguars, who went down 1-9 on Sunday, will host the Browns, who improved to 7-3 by beating the Eagles next Sunday.

To revive the action in real time, check out our live blog below.


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