Stephen Adam, the lily resident who became King of Scotland at Celtic Park

Le 16 mai 1998, le Lillois Stéphane Adam est entré dans l’histoire du foot écossais en marquant en finale de la Coupe pour Hearts face aux Glasgow Rangers. photo «La Voix»

You know a question about Scottish football, could LOSC be in danger at Celtic on Thursday night?

“I don’t know if they face him at the right time, but in any case Celtic are in the midst of a crisis, missing his season and his rivals, the Rangers, are already far ahead of the ranks. The people of Scotland know that Lil is the cut above. Lily impresses with his efficiency and his transition game. After that, it’s still a football match, Lille still has to be very careful. “

Does Celtic have their own style?

“In the game, Celtic is a bit underplayed in British culture, especially the fact that often there were too many foreign players, this is still the case today. In my time, Celtic was also more popular than today, with incredible players such as Sweden’s Heinrich Larsen. “

Due to the health crisis, LOSC will not taste the extraordinary atmosphere of Celtic Park?

He said, ‘It is a shame for players not to be experienced, but at the level of the game it may be better for LOSC. The Celtic audience is quite incomparable. In France, it is hardly the marseilles or lenses that approach it. The public is clearly the twelfth man, he pushes from start to end and in very close matches, it is an important element. Without this parameter, Lily is even more preferred. “

Is this an unforgettable stadium for you too?

“It was at this stadium that we won the Scottish Cup in 1998 with Heart of Midlothian. We beat the Rangers (2-1), I scored the second goal. The next day, we marched by bus to the streets of Edinburgh where there were two million people to celebrate the title, it was decades since the club won anything, unforgettable. “

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You almost feel Scottish…

“I played there for five years, I immediately fell in love with the people who welcomed me and made memories for a lifetime.” I go there several times a year, as soon as my schedule allows, and I am always welcomed like a king. Even today, it is impossible for me to pay the bill in a pub or restaurant, I am one of the heroes who won the cup. Yes, Scotland is like my other country. “

Do Scots experience football more intensely than in France?

“Most people in Scotland are club supporters, they live and breathe football, they talk about it all the time. A simple change decided by coaches, which gives them a week (laughs).”

Lily to South Africa

51-year-old Stephen Adam shot his first balloon at the ASPTT Lily at Apte de Soil Stadium. ” My father was the stadium keeper, the football pitch was my garden He smiles. At the age of 13, he joined the LOSC, then at the age of 16 he took the Infoe Vichy, ancestor of Clairefontaine. After scoring his first goal in L2 again, he then tastes elite with FC Metz, with a certain Robert Pyres, then at the start of his career. With the Garnet Club, he won the Coupe de la Litzy in 1996 against Lyon.

« I was 28 years old when I got the chance to sign into the Heart of Midlothian, it was time to try a adventure abroad. I loved the quality, the people were great
», Greeted the player who, after his career, returned to LOSC as a trainer. ” In 2018, we parted ways amicably. I wanted to live other projects and I did one season as an assistant coach with the Orlando Pirates in Johannesburg, South Africa. »

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Upset with being outside the house

However, homikiness prompted him to return to France. Now based in Arras, Stephen Adam is training as an astrologer. ” I wanted to twist the page football a bit while starting an activity that could be related to this. After football, I will probably return one day, besides I still get offers. »

And on Tynecastle’s side, the stadium where the Heart of Midlothian plays, and the all-around pub, supporters still sing songs in memory of this combative and generous French striker who brought home the cup one day.

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