Super League – Meet Alex Schalk: “Against Zion, I want to start my season”, swears Servatian –

Super League - Meet Alex Schalk:

Meeting with Cervet FC striker Alex Schalk, who is delighted to have received FC Sion on Sunday (4.30pm). Very nice, interesting, absolutely relaxed in our language, the Dutch are ripe for meeting with Valson. He told RTSSport.

Alex Schalk is left disappointed when some people hear “Derby du Rhone” knocking on his door. Even the disappointments. And serve with him. Placed in check by Lausanne, then beaten by the Young Boys and St. Gallen, Genevans is eager to bounce back, to reverse the trend. The derby that is presented on Sunday against Sion has the property of blocking them to increase their appetite.

The Dutch striker (29) knows very well what this poster represents. “I quickly understood that matches against Lausanne or Sion are more “important” matches than others., he admits, his eyes are filled with greed. It is important not to pass by. I love the electricity that is around these posters, the energy that emanates from them. Sunday, it will be even better with the presence of our supporters

Alex Schalk on the importance of the derby / Swiss foot: Super League / 35 sec. / Tuesday 04:00

Herbs already in saliva. Facing the Valaisans, he intends to erase his team’s last sneaky outing. Number 10 knows he has to get his hands dirty for Garnet in order to gain new momentum this season. “yes i can and i have to give more, he says clearly. I want to do better, I want to be faster. I haven’t played bad yet, but I haven’t done what I wanted. Against Sion, I want to start my season, bring Servat on the right track, start a positive series

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It would indeed be the perfect time if Ellen Geiger’s mentor intends to spend the winter in the summer. Now ranked sixth, they have not won in the Super League since 12 September and both want to regain their distance from the bottom of the classification as well as get closer to the podium. “that should be our goal, assures “Le Bombardier de Breda”. We have the means to do it, but we’ve had some misfortunes lately, especially with the referees. Already against GC, then Lausanne and now St. Gallen

Alex Schalk at the start of the SFC season [RTS]
Alex Schalk at the start of the SFC / Foot Suisse season: Super League / 52 sec. / Tuesday 04:00

The match was lost on Sunday against the “Brooders”, After an undisputed arbitration error, remained in many valleys. “Very frustrating the way things have changed, reintroduce “Shalki”. It is frustrating not to get marks. We already lost 2 against Lausanne then against YB as we know the story. without expulsion (Editor’s note: By Jeremy Frick, 0-0, 45th minute)We would have had our chance. We were fine, had something to do against the champions… Last week, we wanted to come back against St. Gallen, but we didn’t succeed. On the one hand because we missed the start of the match, being unable to create chances, but also because there was a special event at the end of the match. (Editor’s note: Mr Piccolo’s mistake). a little angry now…”

19.10 Alex Schalk on his best moment in Garnet [RTS]
Garnett / Alex Schalk on his best moment in Swiss football: Super League / 33 sec. / Tuesday 04:00

This fury, Alex Schalk will have to express it on Sunday in order to drive Sion crazy. Deep down, he undoubtedly aspires to continue the same performance as it was on December 13, when he was hit with a double whammy in defense of the Young Boys. (see opposite collection). This match remains his personal moment in the context of the Servatian jersey: “This is clearly my best memory, especially since YB didn’t lose 34 matches at home. (Editor’s note: 35, actually). Winning in Bern was incredible like this“But since he is one of those people who doesn’t think only about his face, the Dutchman insists:”The best part was still finishing third last season. It was the result of the efforts of an entire collective

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A group that, later this week, will only have 3 digits in the viewfinder.

Arnaud Cerutti – @arnaud_cerutti


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