Supercup: Nagelsmann’s special praise for Musiala: “world class”

Supercup: Nagelsmann's special praise for Musiala:

Status: 07/31/2022 11:41 am

After the game, Julian Nagelsmann, the coach of the old and new Supercup winners FC Bayern Munich, emphasized one in particular: “He was world class,” he said of 19-year-old German national player Jamal Musiyla.

Few tasks were outstanding, Nagelsmann enthused. Musila gave Bayern a 1–0 lead over cup winners RB Leipzig, 5–3 (3–0), and the teenager scored the other two goals for the German champions before the break.

“If he plays like he is today, he is indispensable,” said Nagelsmann, and confirmed the excellent preparation of the highly talented midfielder. The 35-year-old Bayern coach insists Musiyala has once again become more reliable on the defensive. And Musiala is “incredibly difficult to defend,” Nagelsmann said.

“We’re really attacking. It’s really fun to kick around. Everyone has a great idea. When we’re in the flow, goal after goal comes,” Musiala said.

Sporting director Hassan Salihamidzik said he was delighted that Musiala plays at Bayern and has been associated with the club for a long time. “He’s just a feast for the eyes. He’s in such a good mood. A player who really enjoys his young age. So sweet, so good on the ball. Just unbelievably good,” said the former professional.

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