Swinging in scotland

Swinging in scotland

With its breathtaking courses, Scotland, the cradle of golf, is a destination to be programmed for future holidays … until the quarantine of French tourists is lifted.

All small white colored addicts must visit Scotland at least once. This is where the game was born, then it was known by the name CowMiddle of XVI century. It was also here that the first golf club, The Honorable Company of Edinburgh Golfers, was built in 1744, before the legendary Royal Ancient and Golf Club of St Andrews was born in 1754.

Today, this small strip of land in the north of England, eight times smaller than in France, has some 550 golf courses, many of which are in the top 100 among the world’s most scenic courses. For the most part, links with its vast sandy beaches, on the very jagged west coast, or in the east, offer breathtaking landscapes. Turnberry, Murfield, Carnoway, Tron, Royal Dornoch and of course, St Andrews are the dreams of golfers around the world. Called the “Mecca of Golf”, the latter receives the British Open on its old Old Course every five years, shaped by Mother Nature.

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