Telus Cup is canceled game | Gallery

  Telus Cup is canceled game |  Gallery

“With the current epidemic and the disintegration of organized hockey in many parts of the country, we have no choice but to do so. We believe it is the wisest decision to cancel the Spring Nationals of 2021 given the uncertainty over the local situation and the epidemic of participating in the region’s national championships, “Hockey Canada said in a statement written.

It should be noted that this decision also affects the Esso Cup, Centenary Cup and Allen Cup. At the moment, the Memorial Cup is the only one in Canada to oppose the ax, but for how long?

The question arises when we know that the Western and Ontario Junior Leagues are still defunct at the beginning of February, leaving only the QMJHL in operation. Unfortunately for the Corteau Circuit, epidemic results are being felt more and more among teams in the league.

After coming back to the Tellus Cup, it was originally scheduled for Sydney, Nova Scotia before moving to Calgary. Hockey Canada was still hoping to bring their national championship together to this Alberta city. In 2020, Saint-Hyacinth was named as the host city of the Tellus Cup.

Remember that it is the Quebec Midgate AAA League Playoff champions who represent Quebec in the Tellus Cup. Cantoniers de Magog was the last to earn this honor in 2018 and 2019. The Cantoniers lost in the final each time.


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