The Netherlands is fleeing, Scotland is drawing closer [UEFA Fünfjahreswertung]

The Netherlands is fleeing, Scotland is drawing closer [UEFA Fünfjahreswertung]

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If one was still hoping for an attack on seventh-placed Netherlands, you can forget about it. After the fourth day’s match, Oranje had taken a lead of 5.65 points, now it is 7.25. The advantage over the Scots has narrowed slightly, now to 1.95 instead of 2.15, with Rangers winning at home against Sparta Prague. Russia is still behind Austria by 2.768 points, Ukraine did not write at all, the difference widened from 3.45 to 4.05. So it doesn’t look bad with the top 10.

Match day 6. starting position before

In the third-tier competition, the Europa Conference League, they ran lask Maccabi secured not only a win in Israel against Tel Aviv, but also a group victory, which in turn brings two bonus points (which are then split) as well as a round of 16. SK Storm With only one point so far there is no further chance for the European Cup in the winter of 2022, Fast Must win in Genk and win a straight duel (first leg 0:1), then it continues into the second round of the conference league. salzburg Now given two match points in turn, scenarios of “everything”, i.e. round of 16, or “nothing”, complete European Cup out, are available here (>> Salzburg: All or Nothing).

Finally a quick look back: The ranger people Play in Lyon on the final day of the game, no matter how it ends, thanks to a direct duel against Sparta they are still represented in the Europa League. The further it goes in the conference league Celtic, Russian CL representative zenith st petersburg He already has a ticket in his pocket to switch to EL. For spartacus Includes everything from rank 1 to 4, locomotive It’s in his own hands, but to go to the ECL he has to win in Marseille. Ukrainian Shakhtar Donetsk, Dynamo Kiev And Luhansk Already deleted.

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If Serbia (5,757) doesn’t suddenly win twelve wins from the bottom of the list, the top 10 are protected. What it looks like will actually be visible after the end of the group stage. If you also know whether or not Salzburg and Rapid would also have made it to the European spring after LASK.

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