The San Francisco Giants beat the Diamondbacks 4-2

The San Francisco Giants beat the Diamondbacks 4-2

Let’s start from the bottom of the sixth inning.

This San Francisco Giants Trailed Arizona Diamondbacks 1-0.

They sent 15 batters on the plate and experienced 15 outs. No, they weren’t getting any hits, but then they couldn’t get a runner on base Mike Yastrzemsky Led the first inning with a weak single, and immediately retired on double play.

Zack Gallon – who had to allow 3 more earning runs in any of his 23 career starts – scored 6, and essentially did not allow any hard contact.

And so in the sixth inning you didn’t expect anything. That was the third part behind the lineup with the struggle Pablo Sandoval Then two decades of mustard and you were already watching the seventh inning.

And then it became a rally. Oh the rally happened. And it was a solemn rally.

One day after the Giants hit three homers, responsible for all their runs, they rallied like this:

Let’s go
Let’s go
Let’s go

In the same way that they scored four runs, and no runs without a base. It doesn’t matter that he doesn’t get a run out of a base-filled situation; The damage was done.

And they must do that, as they won 4-2 for the second night in a row.

It was kind of for the Giants. They hit 4 hits and 3 walks without being out to start the sixth inning. Take those short runs and they had 2 hits, 0 walks and 24 outs.

It was a masterclass in an effective sequence. Making 4 runs on 6 hits with just one extra-base hit (double by the roof) is more sensitive and touching.

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There was a big hit Reputation in it, Who broke the tie with a two-run single. Roof didn’t get many chances about Rath’s decade, but he changed Alex Dickerson In the fourth inning, then Dickerson Fouled the ball with his feet and left the game. And the roof came when it was most important.

One of the newborn parts of the Giants home run is that it’s more enjoyable to make this stupid rally and win. In years past, this would have been a game where you would have thought, “I don’t know how the Giants won, but this isn’t sustainable.” But now, because they have more weapons they have, they are durable, and this strange victory is a funny reversal rather than an occasional answer to prayer.

Kevin Gaussman He threw more pitches than he liked, especially given how weak Arizona’s offense is. And he certainly would have chosen to support himself more in the corner than he did.

But it worked, and it was mostly sympathetic. Gaussman Scored 6 innings, and 2 hits, 3 walks and 1 run, while 9 runs, all by swing and miss.

He threw 100 pitches, but 20 of them – 20 of them – were swinging strikes. He loaded the bases with one out in the third inning, and then put two with no outs in the fourth inning, and both gave up just one run on the pickling route.

The Giants are 21-21 now, and definitely look smart to keep up Gaussman On trade deadlines.

San Francisco started the series on Friday by losing the game’s demurring clinker. Winning a four-game series is not easy when you lose the opener. For those of you who don’t have a PhD in math, you have to win three games in a row. You have it for free.

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The Giants were at work. A 4-2 win gave them their third straight win, and a second series win. It also meant they won the season series 8-2, allowing only 2.7 runs per game.

Keep my clit wearing friends warm.


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