These decisions are made on the last day of the game

These decisions are made on the last day of the game

Opinions about the League of Nations are divided. Critics consider the new competition an unnecessary additional burden, and UEFA sees a revolution in international matches. The season 18/19 premiere was won by Portugal in the final against the Netherlands.

On the day of the last group match of the Nations League 20/21 (Nations League: All games from 8.45pm in the conference at Livetaker), not all decisions have been made. Both the top countries in Europe and smaller countries still have important games ahead of them that will decide on promotion and charge. (Service: United Nations Tables)

Unlike other leagues, League A does not have players promoted. Instead, the four group winners of League A take part in the finals of the League of Nations. It includes two semi-finals, a game for third place and grand finals for the Nations League title.

SPORT1 The final group in all leagues and all groups presents possible scenarios for match day. (Note: In the Nations League, if there is a tie, the direct comparison is decided first and only then does the goal differ.)

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Group 1: Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Everything is still open before the last match in one of the biggest leagues. Poland, Netherlands and Italy all still have a chance to win the group and participate in the final round. Only Bosnia and Herzegovina are trailing in the last place and have already been eliminated.

Italy currently leads the group one point ahead of the Netherlands and two Poland. That is why only the Italian national team is in their hands. The Netherlands and Poland should expect help from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Group 2: Belgium, Denmark, England, Iceland

In group two, the roles are more clearly distributed. Iceland have already been eliminated and will play against England on Wednesday, who can no longer finish second.

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The group finals will be between Belgium and Denmark. The winner of this game will be the first group and advance to the final round. If there is a tie, Belgium will advance.

Group 3: France, Portugal, Croatia, Sweden

Group three is the only group in League A where the winner has already been determined. World champions France are unmatched at the top of the game against Sweden. Scandinavian rivals are still competing with Croatia, which plays against Portugal, for the charge. Should both games end in a draw, Croatia and Sweden will be tied.

In this case, a direct comparison was decided, which is perfectly balanced, and their target differences are the same. Should Sweden not have a huge draw against France in this constellation (in parallel games of 4: 4 and 0: 0), Croatia will retain the square due to more goals.

Group 4: Germany, Spain, Ukraine, Switzerland

In the German group four, the calculation is basically simple. Germany will play against Spain for group wins and Switzerland against Ukraine for the delegation. Germany and Ukraine would be enough to tie each. So much for the theory: Due to the fact that there are now seven Corona cases in the Ukrainian selection, the game in Switzerland was canceled in the afternoon.

League b

Group 1: Austria, Norway, Romania, Northern Ireland

The constellations in group B of League B are as simple as the German group. Austria plays against badly weakened Norway to promote League A, with Norway every win except 1-0 will suffice.

In the event of a tie, Austria wins the group. At the same time, Romania and Northern Ireland League c. Fighting the case for Northern Ireland is doomed to win.

Group 2: Scotland, Czech Republic, Israel, Slovakia

Group two has two long-distance duets. Scotland and the Czech Republic want to rise. With a win against Scotland, the Scots can achieve their target on their own. On the other hand, the Czech Republic should win against Slovakia and at the same time expect Israel to score at least one point against Scotland.

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Israel and Slovakia themselves are trying to stop the accusation. Slovakia is currently the last and can only hold the square by winning itself, while Israel does not.

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Group 3: Russia, Hungary, Turkey, Serbia

In the third group from League B, three teams can advance. Russia and Hungary are on top with eight points, with Turkey within striking distance with six points. Serbia is in the last place with three points.

If Turkey wins against Hungary and Russia loses against Serbia at the same time, Turkey may still rise. However, she could also descend.

If they lose to Hungary and Serbia against Russia, Serbia will overtake Turkey by scoring more goals than a straight. Russia is the only team that has everything in its hands.

Group 4: Wales, Finland, Ireland, Bulgaria

Group four is again very easy. Wales play against Finland for promotion. Ireland and Bulgaria want to stop the charge in direct duel. Wales and Ireland one tie will be enough for their goal.

League sea

League C has only two accredited teams, as League D consists of only two groups. Eminent players are determined by playouts, who are ruled out of group four in League C. Example: Final Group 1 Against Final Group 2, round trip, the loser is charged again. Who plays against the United Nations is determined by the overall table.

Group 1: Montenegro, Luxembourg, Azerbaijan, Cyprus

In the first group of League C, Luxembourg and Montenegro can still go up. As the first group, Montenegro have taken it into their own hands and will secure first place with a win against Cyprus. Luxembourg wins the group if they win against Azerbaijan and Montenegro, or Montenegro does not win and loses at the same time.

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Cyprus and Azerbaijan are still worried about living. Cyprus could come in fourth place if only Montenegro and Azerbaijan do not win.

Group 2: North Macedonia, Armenia, Georgia, Estonia

In group two, the playout participant with Estonia has already been determined. Northern Macedonia and Armenia took the lead in the group finals. North Macedonia will suffice for a promotion. Georgia can only finish second.

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Group 3: Slovenia, Greece, Kosovo, Moldova

In group three, Slovenia and Greece play for promotion, with Slovenia in first place with a draw. Moldova and Kosovo play against each other and against the charge. Moldova must win to avoid a playout.

Group 4: Belarus, Albania, Lithuania, Kazakhstan

It looks similar in group four. Belarus plays against Albania for promotion. One draw is enough for Belarusians. Kazakhstan and Lithuania duel for playouts. In this game Kazakhstan is enough to win.

League d

Group 1: Faroe Islands, Malta, Latvia, Andorra

In Group D of League D, the Faroe Islands are about to rise. In the game against Malta, one draw is enough for them. If Malta wins, the island nation will rise from the Mediterranean Sea. There are no charged teams in League D.

Group 2: Gibraltar, Liechtenstein, San Marino

In group two, Lichtenstein tries to usurp Gibraltar from the throne in a straight duel. One draw is enough for Gibraltar to rise.


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