Third league: Waldhof Mannheim gets three at home against Dresden

Third league: Waldhof Mannheim gets three at home against Dresden

Status: 10/29/2022 4:02 pm

Waldhof Mannheim fought back for the next home win in the home game against Dynamo Dresden. However, Kurpfälzer had to falter until the last second.

Maarten Winkler (sixth minute) and Claudio Camerknecht (32nd, own goal) scored in Waldof Mannheim’s 2-1 win over Dynamo Dresden. Manuel Scheffler was able to score only the first goal. Kurpfälzer remains with the leading group.

Dynamo Dresden started the game better and got the first chance through Ahmet Arslan (5th). However, Waldhof Mannheim scored the first goal. The rebound of Dominik Martinovic’s shot from the edge of the box fell just in front of the feet of Marton Winkler. The 19-year-old Hertha on loan completed the rotation to give Mannheim the early lead (sixth). Fifteen minutes later, Winkler again appeared free past Dynamo keeper Sven Müller, but his volley was too accurate.

Mannheim with luck for 2-0 break lead

Waldhof was then on fire and didn’t give Dresden a chance at all in the first half. Nevertheless, it took a bit of luck to make it 2–0: Claudio Camerknecht looked to head home Winkler’s very precise cross, but his ricochet headed into his own goal (32nd) – 2–0 was also the half-time score. .

Dynamo Dresden pushed for a goal after the break. Tim Kniping’s header hits the crossbar (56′), while Manuel Scheffler’s shot hits it at full force. Arslan’s shot also missed Mannheim’s goal, if only by a few centimeters. In the second half Mannheim was hardly able to make any offensive utterances and had to concede Scheffler’s goal in the last leg (87th).

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Mannheim in rugby style for the win

Waldhof Mannheim looked clearly battered and only wanted to salvage the win with time running out. In extra time, Kurpfälzer acted almost like rugby players and blindly bolted almost every ball he took back to the Dresden half. The team faltered towards the final whistle – but that was enough.

With the win, Waldhof Mannheim moved ahead of Dynamo Dresden and are now seventh in the table with 22 points. Dynamo Dresden is at the eighth position with 21 points. Mannheim next plays at Halles FC at 2:00 PM. Dynamo Dresden would then have to deal with SC Freiburg II.

Waldhof Mannheim – Dynamo Dresden 2: 1 (2: 0)

Mannheim: Behrens – Jens, Riedel, Gohlke, Rossipal – Fridolin Wagner (Russo 46), Baan – Winkler (Kodar 76), Taz (Malakowski 70), Martinovic (Samar 70) – Sohm (Keita-Ruel 61)
Trainer: the envy
Dresden: Sven Muller – Lewald, Camerknecht, Kniping – Gogia (57. Cade), Akto, Wehruch (81. Battista Meier), Jonathan Meier (66. Will) – Arslan – Kutske, Borkowski (57. Shuffler)
Trainer: beginning
Ref: Robin Braun (Wuppertal)
Gates: 1: 0 Winkler (5th), 2: 0 Kammerknecht (32nd, own goal), 2: 1 Scheffler (86th)
the audience: 11.311


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