Third wave | Ontario, Nova Scotia and Alberta are struggling

  Third wave |  Ontario, Nova Scotia and Alberta are struggling

(Ottawa) After sending military reinforcements to Ontario, the federal government also assisted Nova Scotia by deploying troops there, and said it was ready to hand over Alberta as well.

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau confirmed at a press conference on Tuesday that members of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF), including nurses, have begun to be deployed to Ontario to carry out aid operations in the province.

“Let’s be clear: Sending women and men in uniform to help in Ontario is a serious step. We’re doing this because the situation demands it,” he said to the family and loved ones of Emily Victoria Vigas, a 13-year-old girl from Brampton Said, who died of COVID-19, after expressing his views about.

But Ontario is not the only province where the number of cases is worrisome.

Nova Scotia, especially the capital, Halifax, is also grappling with an increase in cases – so much so that Premier Ian Rankin announced a province-wide lockout for the next two weeks on Tuesday.

The Nova Scotia government on Tuesday registered 96 new cases of COVID-19, including 90 in the Halifax area. As of Monday, there were 66 cases and 63 cases on Sunday.

At Prime Minister Rankin’s request, Ottawa sent troops there.

“So here too, we are sending help. We are deploying 60 members of the Canadian Armed Forces to the testing centers. This will help prevent the spread of the virus, ”Prime Minister Trudeau said.

Alberta is also under surveillance

And not only this: Ottawa is also closely monitoring the situation in Alberta.

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Over the weekend, the area in which the city of Fort McMurray is located has been declared a state of emergency.

Justin Trudeau said, “Our government asked Alberta what kind of support they might need to keep people safe and control the situation.”

On the other hand, given that “to get rid of this virus, it has to be eradicated everywhere”, the government is trying to find a way to help India, where hospitals are oversaturated and from lack of physical therapy resources Are struggling

The Prime Minister said that Canada could send medical supplies, and donate 10 million to the Indian Red Cross.


The Prime Minister, who received the AstraZeneca vaccine last Friday along with his wife Sophie Gregoire, congratulated the people of his generation, “X”, who have rolled up their sleeves to receive an injection in recent times.

Canada is scheduled to receive approximately two million doses of the vaccine this week, including approximately 300,000 initial doses of the one-dose vaccine from Johnson & Johnson (Jensen). However, most of the dosage will come from Pfizer-BioNotech.

“We hope we are in the final stages of this epidemic,” Justin Trudeau dropped.

“Every time we keep our distance and wear a mask, we get closer to the better days to come – when we can dine with friends on the terrace or organize a large family barbecue in the backyard Are “, a- he said.

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