Thomas Robert, the young Frenchman who shakes the transfer window in Scotland

Thomas Robert, the young Frenchman who shakes the transfer window in Scotland
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Big Jump. This summer, Thomas Robert decided to leave Montpelier, which gave him a three-year lease to explore the professional world. Direction Scotland and Aidrieonians FC, in League One, equal to National 1. And so far, it has been a success. The undiscussed holder (9 appearances, 7 tenures, 10 days of the championship), starts attacking the midfielder.

A three-time scorer in the league, he also distributed two offerings. A few days ago, against Clyde (2-4, 10th day), the young man separated himself with a goal from a straight corner! but that’s not all. Livingston, facing the Scottish Premier League team, have been ruled out of the game in the Scottish League Cup, the former Pride of Paris SG or Newcastle and the son of the pre-international Tricolor (9 goals, 1 goal). To score despite the heavy defeat of his family (4-1). So with 4 pawns in all competitions, he fully launched his season.

Already offers on the table

Making the success of his debut, the right-hander – unlike his illustrious father – gained attention. I wouldn’t be surprised if we fought to keep him this winter. Thomas was really, really good. (…) We have a lot of clubs watching it, some of them were very impressed “, Recently explained to Riley by his coach Ian Murray daily Record. We were approached by his representative, Paul Tait, who took part in the transfer of Bertrand Troray from Olympic Leonis to Aston Villa in the summer this year and is trying to replace Angvin Stephen Bahokane in the Premier League this winter Are, confirmed the newborn disturbance according to his obedience.

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“After a few weeks of adaptation, Thomas is getting better and better, stronger and stronger. He attracted the attention of many Scottish clubs above and also in England. We are waiting for the right offer, especially in terms of playing time, to decide what the next step will be for Thomas, but he is clearly ready to play and play high., He explained to us. To our knowledge, two official offers – one in the Scottish Premier League, one in the Championship (equivalent to L2 in England) – have already arrived, others are still awaited. Thomas Robert’s transfer window, which dreams of playing in the Premier League like his father one day, promises to be busy.


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