Torrential rain: Impossible to drive in some areas of Newfoundland

Torrential rain: Impossible to drive in some areas of Newfoundland

Road traffic was not possible in parts of Newfoundland on Wednesday due to incessant rain since Tuesday morning and torrential downpours that caused flooding and damage to roads.

According to Environment Canada meteorologist Justin Boudreau, the Port aux Basque region of southwestern Newfoundland has received 143 mm of rain since Tuesday morning and another 100 mm is expected on Wednesday.

These torrential rains are currently part of Newfoundland’s road system. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police also published photos showing bridges submerged, even currently flowing, especially on the Trans-Canada Highway and on Highway 470, still in the Port aux Basque sector.

According to Mr Boudreau, the Trans-Canada Highway collapsed in three places north of Port aux Basque. It is impossible to operate in the area, with the exception of emergency services.

The amount of rain forecast has or has already fallen can vary by region and can reach up to 300 mm in mountainous regions.

Lull in Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia was also heavily affected by torrential rains, except for the northwest coast which was more spared.

The rain started earlier on Monday, bringing 278 mm of rain so far in the Ingonish river area in the Cape Breton region. This is the most tested area. Elsewhere on the east coast, between 100 and 150 mm of rain fell, Mr Boudreau elaborated.

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As in Newfoundland, some roads were flooded and damaged.

However, Nova Scotia has gone through the worst, as a lull has been announced for the province, which is expected to receive only 10 to 30 millimeters of rain as of Thursday evening.

canceled crossings

Due to inclement weather conditions, the departures of the Society Marine Atlantic Ferry scheduled for Wednesday have been cancelled.

It is a crossing from northern Sydney in Nova Scotia to Port aux Basque in southwest Newfoundland and Labrador, from 11:45 am to 11:15 am from Port aux Basque to northern Sydney from 11:45 am to 11:45 am Till now has also been cancelled.

The postponed departure time will be informed to the affected passengers.

The Société Marine Atlantique is monitoring the weather forecast, which could also affect the crossing on Thursday, November 25.

The new floods come barely a week after an atmospheric river passed through which brought up to 250 mm of rain in British Columbia, causing the river to overflow and muddy that crippled the province and evacuated thousands of people.

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