Tottenham manager Jose Mourinho continues war of words with ‘Gary’ Southgate

Tottenham manager Jose Mourinho continues war of words with 'Gary' Southgate

Mourinho made it clear that Kane is not expected to be included in all three of England’s games in the fortnight following Tottenham’s improved run for Tottenham, which continued with a 2-2 win over Manchester United on Thursday. .

Southgate responded with a tongue in cheek that Mourinho would have to take care of Kane with the European Championships around the corner in April and May, and also pointed out that Spurs boss Steve Holland was referred to as a friend in his comments.

Kane showed why both men want him to help with a hat-trick every minute of every game and a romp over Mabi Kabi Haifa who booked the Spurs’ place in the group stage.

Mourinho used his chances after the game to get the final word, although he cut to the England boss by calling him ‘Gary’.

“I can promise my friend Steve Holland and Gary (sic) not to be jealous. For my friend Gary, I promise I won’t play a single minute of any friendly match until the end of the season,” Mourinho said. .

“His match was a basic match for us. A match means a few million pounds and it means we are in the group stage of a competition that has our ambitions.”

Mourinho does not have to rely so much on Kane going forward, as Spurs are closing in on a deal to bring Carlos Vinicius to the club.

“No, I want you to ask me that question when it’s confirmed,” he said when asked about the deal. “No one told me it was over so I would respect the situation, respect the player, respect Benfica and wait a little longer.

“The next time we see each other maybe I’m in a position to answer.”

Along with Kane’s trouble, Giovanni Lo Celso also grabbed a bracket and Lucas Maura and Dale Alley also won the third game in five days.

Eric Deere, Steven Bergvision and Toby Alderweireld played two of the three games, and Mourinho praised his team’s efforts.

“What Eric Dyer, Bergwijne and Toby did is not humane.” “It’s proven, scientifically proven, every sports scientist knows they shouldn’t do what they did.

“We shouldn’t be allowed to play 180 minutes in three days. These three people did it. I know some others played to their limits, but we managed because we have a good team and we have a team with different options. .

“We split the players in these matches and we managed to go through two knockout competitions in Carabao and the Europa League, but we could have gotten out. The job is done. I’m really happy with the performance.”


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