Transfer Time Winter 20/21: That’s how long the transfer window opens – football

Transfer Time Winter 20/21: That's how long the transfer window opens - football

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Vienna – Monday, January 4, 2021, 10:35 pm.

Winter transfer is in progress!

In the Austrian Bundesliga and 2D divisions, new players can be officially registered from 9 January 2021. By February 8 and included, it is possible to register new people with FIFA in this country. Departures are still possible later, but only in countries where the transfer window is still open.

All entries and exits in the Bundesliga transfer list >>>

As in previous years, the Bundesliga have decided to keep the transfer window open longer than the top European leagues. In general, the time frame varies greatly in different countries.

LAOLA1 provides an overview:

Earth Transfer time
Cyprus Is 31.1.2021
Spain Is 1.2.2021
England Is 1.2.2021
Italy Is 1.2.2021
Germany Is 1.2.2021
France Is 1.2.2021
Netherlands Is 1.2.2021
Belgium Is 1.2.2021
Scotland Is 1.2.2021
Turkey Is 1.2.2021
Denmark Is 1.2.2021
Greece Is 1.2.2021
Slovakia 3.2.2021
Portugal 4.2.2021
Serbia Is 5.2.2021
Austria Is 8.2.2021
Czech Republic Is 8.2.2021
Romania Is 8.2.2021
Hungary 14.2.2021
Slovenia 15.2.2021
Switzerland 15.2.2021
Croatia 15.2.2021
Poland 24.2.2021
Russia 25.2.2021
China 26.2.2021
Ukraine 2.3.2021
Norway Is 7.4.2021
America Is 4.5.2021

Here is the timeline of all countries from FIFA >>>

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Austrian Bundesliga: transfer list in winter 2020/21

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