Trump faces tough times as a businessman


Before entering the Oval Office, Donald Trump Already had a reputation as a successful businessman. After 4 years in the White House, the billionaire has somewhat tarnished his image in the business world, especially after the riots on Capitol Hill. He is accused of encouraging this rebellious fact. Return to normal life can be a bit complicated for 45I President of the United States because the business world is willing to punish it for the events of January 6 at all costs. Republican billionaires should expect to lose a lot of money.

For example, in the golf world Royal and Ancient Golf Club, The structure that manages the game no longer wants to be welcomed British open In the complex Trump turnbury In Scotland. at least for now. “ We will not come back to that, until we are confident that the focus will be on the tournament, the players and the course. “ The governing body of World Golf has not explicitly mentioned political reasons as the basis for its decision. Even in the United States, Donald Trump is let go Professional Golfers Association.

Deutsche Bank let him go

He announced that his 2022 championship would not be held Bedminster In New jersey, Where is it Trump national. The boss of this organization indicated that the mark of the Professional Golfers Association “Was in the game”. Thus ending two golf courses of M. Like, Wears both outfits “Financial shock” For American billionaires. Actually according to the expert in sports marketing Bob dorfman, “Organizing a major generates significant income and provides significant media exposure to the courses, making them more popular”. Even the banking world actors no longer want to do business with the 45th President of the US.

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This is the case of Deutsche Bank, still a staunch ally of real estate magnates for so many years. This announcement made on Tuesday comes a few days later Christiana Riley, Patron of American Subsidiary of Financial Structure. “It is a dark day for America and its democracy. The scenes that took place are outrageous for the whole country ” She said that after the capital siege. Signature bank, Another American bank managing the personal accounts of the White House chief, announced that it began by closing them.

New York withdraws management of two rinks from Trump Organization

It generated a $ 5 million turnover related to Republican billionaires. Signature Bank will also state that it no longer intends to cooperate in the future with any member of Congress who voted against the certification of the results of the November 2020 presidential election. In New York, a democratic city, they also refuse to do business with Trump. .

Mayor Bill de blazio Withdrew management of golf course from The bronx And two ice rinks Central Park A la Trump Organization. “New York does not deal with rebel elements. If the management of a company or company is involved in criminal activity, then we have the right to terminate it ” Donald Trump’s political rival Bill de Blasio said. The latter would lose about $ 17 million that management of these facilities brought him annually.


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