UEFA Euro 2020: “Holy Sick” – the best reaction to the goal of the European Championship

UEFA Euro 2020:

Patrick Schick celebrates his successful lob from 45m. Image: Keystone

“Holy Sick” – Responses to the Czech’s dream goal from 45 meters

It was the most beautiful goal of the tournament so far – and will probably remain so. Patrick Schick overtook the Scottish goalkeeper from the middle circle and lifted the ball from about 45 meters to make it 2-0 on goal. Thus Schick achieved a new record at the European and World Championships. In the throes of his brilliance he has never met anyone from a greater distance than the Czechs.

25 year old’s dream goal. Video: SRF

The consensus on the net – not one that goalkeeper David Marshall ended – was clear. It was one of the best goals in recent years. Schick hits the ball perfectly so that it flies into the net with the best possible trajectory, along with goalkeeper David Marshall. With the admittedly chic name, the sentences certainly weren’t long in coming.

Here too, there were beautiful goals worthy of praise:

It was the second goal of the day for the 24-year-old. Schick scored the first goal shortly before the break. With a 2–0 win, the Bayer Leverkusen striker propelled the Czechs to the top of the Group D table.

Other reactions:

Official account of the Belgium national team: “When you see Schick’s goal!”

“Without exaggeration. It was one of the best goals I’ve ever seen. Kick, trajectory and upper corner.”

Andrij Germolenko scored a very respectable goal in the game against the Netherlands. Video: SRF

Reactions to David Marshall’s performance were less positive. The Scottish goalkeeper was well ahead of his goal and when he conceded he was severely criticized for his position. While trying to stop the goal, the 36-year-old himself ended up in the net.

“David Marshall should probably play his position” Check Check.”

“I had no idea how weak Marshall’s positional play was. He was almost in the center circle.”

“David Marshall is returning to the goal.”

Even more shocking:

The afternoon was disappointing for the Scots. With England and Croatia in Group D, they are fighting for third place with the Czech Republic, which could be enough even for the Round of 16. Progress now seems almost impossible. The huge excitement from the first “Braveheart” EM game since 1996 is as good as it went. Against the British on Thursday

Before the game: “Aren’t you proud to be from Scotland?”
After the game: “It sucks to be a Scot.”

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