Update on the situation in the United Kingdom

Update on the situation in the United Kingdom

this is Good News More for the United Kingdom. After lifting almost all final restrictions, the country announced that from this Monday, 16 August, contact cases would be fully vaccinated, Now you don’t have to isolate yourself In England. However, it would be recommended that they Wear a mask and do PCR test. With respect to Northern Ireland, a A similar measure will be implemented. Scotland, like Wales, had already taken the lead in easing segregation rules.

Eagerly waiting for this discount. It’s done now. while a health disaster Because Euro football was announced, it didn’t happen. However, after the peak in early July, Contamination numbers remain high With 30,000 cases per day.

It inspired millions of Britons to reunite over the summer forced into solitary confinement Because they were infected or had contact. It then disrupted the operation of transport, hotels and catering and supply supermarkets or gas stations. the media dubbed “pingdemic” event. The words “ping”, notification from the tracking app, and “epidemic”, play among the pandemic.

It is through a press release that Health Minister Sajid Javid presented this new development “Another cautious step towards normalcy Thank you for the phenomenal success of our vaccination campaign. In this way, encouraging those who have not yet been vaccinated.

One of the most affected countries in Europe

United Kingdom is one of them One of the most affected countries in Europe Since the beginning of the health crisis with more than 130,000 dead.

The country is passing through a phase major wave of contamination in present. However, the condition of hospitals (less than 6,000 patients) as well as the number of deaths (average less than 100 per day) remains good. less dramatic than previous waves. There were days in the United Kingdom when there were 1,000 dead and ambulances lined up in front of emergency services.

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almost now 90% of adults received the first doseBut the movement is running out of steam and officials are trying to convince the last of the most reluctant citizens, especially the youngest.

gifts for vaccinated

From Monday 16 August, various companies will offer voucher Especially for clothes, holidays or gym memberships for everyone people coming for vaccination.

A few days before the start of the school and university year the government will invite 16-17 year olds to get vaccinated. Health officials had decided to wait before extending the campaign to the youngest.

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