Various Advice on Winter Beer

Conseils divers sur bières d’hiver

Trying to get me in a holiday mood, I launch my Christmas 2020 reading list, to sit next to my tree and throw you these festive beer recommendations, a small pint in hand, but above all , The honor of two meters. Despite the closure of small non-essential businesses for the holiday season, Quebec and surrounding microbreweries have thought about keeping you warm during winter activities, but to cheer you on during these most special moments.

go by boat

Without waiting too long, let’s go! Let me introduce you to the Waltz from 2 Crows Microbrari, which comes directly from Nova Scotia. We are here with a small German-style pilsner, ultra thirst-quenching and very crunchy. Very easy to drink beer, light in alcohol at a rate of 4.3%, it is perfect for starting the evening quietly. On the nose, we discover very pleasant hoppy fragrances, but which are not present for taste.

In the mouth, it is actually the taste of barley that will almost remind of honey. It is not bitter, it is too much grain and is very well balanced. The glass foam holding is fantastic, it is festive, soothing, we like it. For those who want to learn about the world of microbrewery, you will not be disappointed here.

Superb brewery that distributes its products to many locations in Quebec. You may be lucky enough to be found in some of the Morin-Heights at Magasin Général Valencourt. There is also an impressive selection of microbrewery beer.

To black beer

It is the turn of the Vagabond brewery to offer us a smaller product for the holiday season. We’re going with Chance, a 5.3% alcohol stout-style beer.

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Organic black beer, with a slightly roasted malt, a little hunched that gives a very good product, is light and quite tasty for general style. The taste of coffee remains well in the mouth, it quenches thirst and sugar is very well controlled. Glass foam holdings could be increased, but it is no different from beer. Sounds like the perfect beer for an 8-person outdoor hockey game, or around a fire in the chalet. Perfect for digestion, it can be shared well and allows people in your bubble to discover dark beers that are more suspicious of this style.

Vagabond microbrews brew their products in the Collect Brisicol Ensemble. This group of breweries includes Boldwin, Vagabon, Des Canton and LAOP brands all worth exploring. Certified organic products were distributed in most grocery stores and specialty convenience stores.

With this, I wish for you a wonderful holiday season. Take the time to visit delicatessens or specialty convenience stores for advice. It can make a good Christmas present and is a gift for microbreweries who work hard to make their products part of their parties (at least this year).


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