Vedder player Stephanie Goddard is ending her career

Vedder player Stephanie Goddard is ending her career

She played for Vedder for ten years. He scored 76 goals and played 174 times for striker Werder’s soccer players. Once, depending on the current situation, she’ll do it again – and at Pentecost she did it the last time at home on the 11th. It’s over at 33, Stephanie Goddard finished his career. “Even in my previous games, I would throw everything for the team and SVW. It would be best if I could say goodbye with a goal,” she said before the Bundesliga game against Turbine Potsdam. officially adopted. With that goal did not work against Potsdam. Werder lost 2-0 to the favourites. But it’s hard to believe that wasn’t the most important thing to Stephanie Goddard that day. “Everything was a little different than usual. I can’t believe it at the moment, but it will come in the next few hours. It was an emotional game,” she told after the final whistle.

It was important for him to be able to make his own decisions about the end of his career. That he was not compelled to do so by injury “or something similar”. Or something like that: it probably indicates that she didn’t want to wait until the performance issue was sorted out. she did it. She smiles back at her time in Bremen, which has become her new home. And: “I’m really glad I can say goodbye with Exile.” Werder had already achieved the season goal of being in the First Division before this final match of the season.

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After the game against the Turbines, coach Thomas Horsch said, “We would have liked a different result. But he was satisfied with the team’s performance. Horsch: “In a game where we weren’t at the table, we got 90 minutes of passion . And a pleasure to play. We asked for everything from Potsdam across the distance.”


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