Victor Peres allowed Sapna to fly in semifinals

Victor Peres allowed Sapna to fly in semifinals

Defeated by future tournament winner Billy Horschel, the French failed to make it to the finals in 2014 to outperform Victor Dubison. However, 33IThe world has marked spirits and opened new horizons on the PGA Tour.

How are Americans going to give Victor Perez a nickname from now on? Eager for an easy shortcut to identify a face on the PGA tour, country mate Billy Horschel is sure to tag the Frenchman after his great week at the Match Play World Championship. In 2014, Victor Dubuson lost in 23 finals to Australian Jason DayIHole, on the Pigeon Mountains course. From this memorable episode, he bears the nicknames of Victor “Dubush” and “Cactus Kid” after his magical shots taken in the setting of Victor Arizona. Beaten (3 and 2) was in the semi-finals this Sunday by American Billy Horschel (34th in the world), with Victor Perez finally finishing 4th. Although he did not manage to do better than Victor Dubison, he marked the Spirits as being European only to invite himself to the Final Four against three Americans.

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“It was crazy to see Victor (Dubison) in the finals, remembering Victor Perez (28) at a press conference on Saturday. It is a shame that he did not win because the story was amazing. He showed the French that it was possible. Climb the top 15. He then played the Ryder Cup. What he did in the match-play world championships showed us the way. “

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Complex air conditions

Since the beginning of the week, the Frenchman had noticed that the layout of the Austin Country Club course is getting thicker than hole n ° 9. In complex wind conditions with speeds of around 40 km / h, Victor Perez had to deal with an additional difficulty. The one who suffered the hot breaths of Scotland trains on the east coast of Scotland in Dundee. Initially solid and hardworking, Victor Perez led his semi-finals (1 up) at hole 6, an amateur failure by Billy Horschel. The American’s second shot became a huge nail scratch that bounced the ball into Ruff’s and spectators’ feet, making an impossible stroke of the green. But Billy Horschel returned from the Frenchman on the first bogey to the front at hole n ° 10, then widened the gap (2 up) at 3 under 11, taking advantage of a completely failed throw from Victor Perez’s ball. In a small waterfall. New Bogey.

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At hole 14, despite an attitude sticking out of the hospitality tent on the green ledge, Perez stopped the bleeding by signing a welcome summer that allowed him to share. At the exit of hole 15, won with a birdie on a flagged approach, Victor Perez was “2 down” with three holes to play. Complicated, but not finished. Horskel did not miss an opportunity to conclude the match (3 up) on Green of 16 (par 5) after a short period of hope, allowing him to enter the final put of 1.5 meters for Birdie. Sapna flew for Victor Perez …

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Brio, Mastery and Attractiveness

In the small finals for the third place played in the evening, Matt Kutcher (42) won (2 & 1) against the French, who lacked physical resources at the end of the weekend with two matches per game. Because of a faulty chipping, Victor Perez finished 4th for his first participation in the WGC-Match Play. We will long remember the talent displayed by Tarabis during his first participation in the World Match Play Championship.

During his victories against Australians Mark Leishman (2 and 1) and South Korean Sungje Im (2 & 1) and then Scottish Robert McIntyre (5 and 4) and Spaniard Sergio Garcia (4), he made impressive mastery in his tactical choice. & 3), the French have made great promises for their future on the PGA Tour. This, even though two of his defeats were recorded against the Americans, Russell Henley (4 and 3), then Billy Horschel (3 and 2), future winners of the grand finale and future world winner. Incomplete, Victor Perez, who will become a temporary member of the American circuit and thus have partial rights to play, but continues his progress for the World Top 15, expanded by numerous invitations.

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